A common change in the genetic code in DNA. Polymorphisms can have a harmful effect, a good effect, or no effect. Some polymorphisms have been shown to increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

A common mutation. “Common” is typically defined as an allele frequency of at least 1%. All genes occur in pairs, except when x and y chromosomes are paired in males; thus a polymorphism with an allele frequency of 1% would be found in about 2% of the population, with most carriers having one copy of the polymorphism and one copy of the normal allele.

Pronunciation of dictionary term "polymorphism"

Pronunciation of dictionary term "polimorfismo"

Variación o mutación común en el código genético del ADN. Los polimorfismos pueden tener un efecto perjudicial, un buen efecto o ningún efecto. Se observó que algunos polimorfismos aumentan el riesgo de contraer ciertos tipos de cáncer.