transitional cell cancer

(tran-ZIH-shuh-nul sel KAN-ser)

Cancer that forms in transitional cells in the lining of the bladder, ureter, or renal pelvis (the part of the kidney that collects, holds, and drains urine). Transitional cells are cells that can change shape and stretch without breaking apart.

Pronunciation of dictionary term "transitional cell cancer"

Pronunciation of dictionary term "cáncer de células de transición"

Cáncer que se forma en las células de transición que revisten la vejiga, el uréter o la pelvis renal (la parte del riñón que recolecta, retiene y drena la orina). Las células de transición son células que pueden cambiar de forma y extenderse sin romperse.

Transitional Cell Cancer (Kidney/Ureter)