liothyronine sodium

(LY-oh-THY-roh-neen SOH-dee-um)

A drug that is used to treat certain thyroid (a gland located near the voice box) conditions. It is also being studied in the treatment of thyroid cancer. Liothyronine sodium is made in the laboratory and is a form of the thyroid hormone triiodthyronine (T3). Also called Cytomel and Triostat.

Pronunciation of dictionary term "liothyronine sodium"

Pronunciation of dictionary term "liotironina sódica"

Medicamento que se usa para tratar ciertas afecciones de la tiroidea (glándula ubicada cerca de la laringe). Asimismo, está en estudio para el tratamiento del cáncer de la glándula tiroidea. La liotironina sódica se produce en el laboratorio y es una forma de la hormona tiroidea natural triyodotironina (T3). También se llama Cytomel y Triostat.