radioactive palladium

(RAY-dee-oh-AK-tiv puh-LAY-dee-um)

A radioactive form of palladium (a metallic element that resembles platinum). When used to treat prostate cancer, radioactive seeds (small pellets that contain radioactive palladium) are placed in the prostate. Cancer cells are killed by the energy given off as the radioactive material breaks down and becomes more stable.

Pronunciation of dictionary term "radioactive palladium"

Pronunciation of dictionary term "paladio radiactivo"

Forma radiactiva del paladio (elemento metálico que se parece al platino). Cuando se utiliza para tratar el cáncer de próstata, se colocan semillas radiactivas (bolitas pequeñas que contienen paladio radiactivo) en la próstata. Las células cancerosas se destruyen a medida que la energía que emana el material radiactivo se desgasta (descompone).