A substance being studied in the treatment of brain tumors. Transferrin-CRM107 is made by linking a diphtheria toxin to transferrin, a protein that binds to fast growing cells, such as tumor cells. The diphtheria toxin then kills the tumor cells. Transferrin-CRM107 is a type of immunotoxin.

Pronunciation of dictionary term "transferrin-CRM107"

Pronunciation of dictionary term "transferrina-CRM107"

Sustancia en estudio para el tratamiento de tumores cerebrales. La transferrina-CRM107 se elabora al unir toxina de difteria a la transferrina, una proteína que se une a las células de crecimiento rápido, como las células tumorales. La toxina de difteria luego destruye las células tumorales. La transferrina-CRM107 es un tipo de inmunotoxina.