indium In 111 DOTA monoclonal antibody HuAFP31

(IN-dee-um … MAH-noh-KLOH-nul AN-tee-BAH-dee …)

A substance being studied in the treatment of liver cancer. It is made by attaching a radioactive substance called indium 111 to a monoclonal antibody called HuAFP31. HuAFP31 binds to tumor cells that make alpha fetoprotein (AFP), and the indium In 111 may kill the tumor cells. It is a type of radioimmunoconjugate.

Pronunciation of dictionary term "indium In 111 DOTA monoclonal antibody HuAFP31"

Pronunciation of dictionary term "anticuerpo monoclonal HuAFP31 con indio 111 DOTA"

Sustancia en estudio para el tratamiento del cáncer de hígado. Se elabora al unir una sustancia radiactiva llamada indio 111 a un anticuerpo monoclonal llamado HuAFP31. El HuAFP31 se une a las células tumorales que producen alfaproteína (AFP) y el indio (In 111) puede destruir las células tumorales. Es un tipo de radioinmunoconjugado.