The space between the end of a nerve cell and another cell. Nerve impulses are usually carried to the neighboring cell by chemicals called neurotransmitters, which are released by the nerve cell and are taken up by another cell on the other side of the synapse. The neighboring cell may be another nerve cell, a muscle cell, or a gland cell.

Pronunciation of dictionary term "synapse"

Pronunciation of dictionary term "sinapsis"

Espacio entre el extremo de una neurona y otra célula. Los impulsos nerviosos se transmiten habitualmente a la célula vecina por medio de sustancias químicas que se llaman neurotransmisores. La neurona libera los neurotransmisores y otra célula del otro lado de la sinapsis los recibe. La célula vecina puede ser otra neurona, una célula muscular o una célula glandular.