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The OSUCCC – James collaborates with many institutions in cancer care, research and clinical trials. Partnerships are vital to helping provide effective treatment to people with cancer and to reduce the incidence of cancer. Affiliations help extend our cancer expertise to people in other areas of the state as well as increase research and education opportunities.

Current affiliations include:

The Ohio State University/Cincinnati Children's Cancer Consortium

An affiliation between OSUCCC – James and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center was formed to stimulate novel research in cancer that will benefit pediatric and adult patients nationwide. The Ohio State University/Cincinnati Children’s Cancer Consortium focuses on enhancing development of translational research — basic science that can be readily transformed into actual patient treatments.

Columbus Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

A collaborative agreement among the three organizations broadens the study of childhood cancer and accelerates the transfer of key research findings to the clinical setting. The unique relationship between the three institutions is stimulating novel research and developing collaborations in pediatric cancer–related studies that will also have applications to adults.

James Cancer Network

  • Ohio Valley Medical Center in Wheeling, West Virginia
  • Wooster Hospital in Wooster, Ohio
  • Holzer in Gallipolis, Ohio
  • Madison County in London, Ohio
  • Fayette in Washington Court House, Ohio

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