A New Funding Cycle In its first two years, Pelotonia raised more than $12 million for cancer research at Ohio State, and last year, it raised more than $13 million, bringing the three-year total to a remarkable $25.5 mill ...[Read more]
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Frontline-The Researcher's Voice

What Is Pelotonia? When the writing is on the wall… turn to a bicycle By DARRELL E. WARD Let's say you're the director of a major National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. Your mission is ...[Read more]
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Pelotonia Fellowship Program 2012

Satelite to street PELOTONIA FELLOWSHIP FUND YOUNG CANCER RESEARCHERS By BOB HECKER On the eve of Pelotonia 11, Michael A. Caligiuri, MD, stood before nearly 5,000 bicyclists and thanked them for escorting student researchers ...[Read more]
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When Insight Meets Imagination

WHEN INSIGHT MEETS IMAGINATION Pelotonia funds help bright ideas become breakthroughs By DARRELL E. WARD "Brilliant ideas can lead to extraordinary breakthroughs, but without data to back them up, they have little ...[Read more]
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Symposium 2011

SYMPOSIUM SHOWCASES STUDENT RESEARCHERS In a room filled with young scholarly minds, Ohio State cancer researcher Gustavo Leone, PhD, made a pertinent point. “Some of the best ideas in cancer research come from s ...[Read more]
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Clinical Trials - Where the Rubber Meets the Road

WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD "Pelotonia funds are extremely important for this trial," Kaumaya says. "They pay for needed pharmacy services, tests for patients and the purchase of vaccine adjuvants, and t ...[Read more]
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Myeloma Survivor Gears Up

MYELOMA SURVIVOR GEARS UP FOR HIS THIRD PELOTONIA RIDE ​ BY BOB HECKER Matt Hare, 28, of New Albany, has felt a strong connection to the annual Pelotonia bicycle tour from its beginning, almost as if ligh ...[Read more]
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Providing Tools for Discovery

PROVIDING TOOLS FOR DISCOVERY Cancer research today requires sophisticated equipment for gene sequencing, cell sorting and characterization, bioimaging, microscopy, data collection and other procedures. Revenue from Pelotoni ...[Read more]
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