Upfront Pelotonia13

Pedaling Research No matter how you spin it, our Pelotonia bicycle tour has hit the big time by becoming, in just four years, the nation’s largest single-event biking fundraiser as measured by riders. MICHAEL A. CALIGIURI, MD ...[Read more]
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Frontline Pelotonia13

Pelotonia 12 Tally Tops $16 Million 4-Year Total Surpasses $42 million By Bob Hecker  Riders, virtual riders and donors in Pelotonia 12, the annual grassroots bicycle tour that generates money for cancer research at the OSUCCC – James, raised ...[Read more]
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Pelotonia13 Fellowship Funds Young Cancer Researchers

BOOSTING BRILLIANCEPelotonia Fellowships Fund Young Cancer Researchers By BOB HECKER In today’s economy, students with bright ideas for cancer research have virtually no hope of obtaining government grants to support theirwork. ...[Read more]
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GIVING TRACTION TO GOOD THINKING Pelotonia Idea Grants jump-start insightful OSUCCC – James research that can lead to breakthroughs in cancer prevention and treatment.The grants provide $100,000 of research funding spread over two years. Proposal ...[Read more]
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From Ideas to Impact Pelotonia 13

FROM IDEAS TO IMPACT The impact of Pelotonia dollars is realized most dramatically in discoveries made by teams of researchers funded through this event. Here are two examples of impact, discovery and promise. By BOB HECKER ...[Read more]
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NEW HOPE clinical trials Pelotonia 13

NEW HOPE from the Clinic and Research Laboratory Pelotonia funds support clinical and translational research with the goal of  improving cancer care By DARRELL E. WARD     “Clinical research” is research that involves pati ...[Read more]
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Cancer Surgeon and Survivor Pelotonia13

​Cancer Surgeon & Survivor Set to Cycle In Her Fourth Consecutive Pelotonia BY BOB HECKER If preparing to take her surgical recertification board exam in late 2009 weren’t stressful enough for Doreen Agnese, MD, she now had a lump on ...[Read more]
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Technological Advances Pelotonia 13

Technological Advances Make Genome Sequencing More Efficient and Faster By DARRELL E. WARD      Cancer is a disease written in code. That code is represented by four letters – A, C, G and T – with each letter corresponding ...[Read more]
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