Frontline Pelotonia13 

Pelotonia 12 Tally Tops $16 Million

4-Year Total Surpasses $42 million

By Bob Hecker 

Riders, virtual riders and donors in Pelotonia 12, the annual grassroots bicycle tour that generates money for cancer research at the OSUCCC – James, raised a record $16,871,403, a 28-percent increase over the Pelotonia 11 total of $13.1 million.

The Pelotonia 12 tally brought the four-year fundraising total for Pelotonia, which began in 2009, to more than $42 million. Pelotonia 12 drew a record 6,212 riders from 43 states and three countries, as well as 3,141 virtual riders and more than 2,000 volunteers. The riders were supported by more than 80,000

The event also featured new routes and destinations. In the first three Pelotonias, the routes went to the south, circulating between central Ohio and Ohio University in Athens. But last year’s tour took a northerly direction and offered six ride options, with the longest extending from Columbus to Gambier, Ohio – the home of Kenyon College.

The routes for Pelotonia 13, scheduled for Aug. 9-11, will be virtually the same as they were for Pelotonia 12.

Measured by riders, Pelotonia 12 became the nation’s largest singleevent biking fundraiser. Among the riders were a record 1,635 members of Team Buckeye, the official superpeloton (riding group) of The Ohio State University – a team that included 1,198 riders, 336 virtual riders and 101 volunteers. Team Buckeye comprised 84 pelotons that collectively raised more than $2.1 million of the Pelotonia 12 total.

Thanks to the event’s generous sponsors – Huntington Bank, Limited Brands Foundation, Richard and Peggy Santulli, American Electric PowerFoundation, Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health Foundation, JP Morgan Chase and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company – Pelotonia can direct every dollar raised by riders, virtual riders and donors to the OSUCCC – James for cancer research.

Pelotonia Financial Summary
In its first four years, Pelotonia has generated more than $42 million for cancer research at the OSUCCC – James through rider pledges and donations. Each of the bicycle tour’s first four years saw an increase in riders, volunteers and dollars raised: 2009 – 2,250 riders, 1,200 volunteers, $4.5 million; 2010 – 4,047 riders, 1,600 volunteers, $7.8 million; 2011 – 4,986 riders, 1,700 volunteers, $13.1 million; 2012 – 6,212 riders, 2,000 volunteers, $16.9 million. Thanks to the event’s generous underwriters, every dollar raised by riders and donors has been or will be committed to research-related expenditures. Funds raised in Pelotonia 12 have not yet been totally allocated. The chart shown to the left reflects funding allocations from Pelotonia 09, 10 and 11.



To date, $5 million has been allocated to the Pelotonia Fellowship Program, which provides research money for Ohio State students at all levels of scholarship – undergraduate, graduate, medical school and postdoctoral fellows – who want to conduct cancer research in the labs of faculty mentors.

Pelotonia fellowship recipients may be from any discipline of study. Students from eight colleges and 38 departments at Ohio State have received fellowships funded by money raised in Pelotonia. The above chart shows a breakdown of colleges receiving fellowship grants.


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Andrea  commented on  Wednesday, November 13, 2013  5:03 AM 
THE BIRD FLU A GOOD ONE.You know, I think a lot of people beleive that Bike Party is ran by a bunch of uppity bike folk who have secret meetings and handshakes. This couldn't be further from the truth. We are bike nerds who love the ride It's as simple as that. Some of us simply saw the need and decided to step up. Everybody has their specific strengths and we truly shine when a ride finally comes to fruition. It's amazing to see people at volunteer meetings with the curious attitude of how can I help and later they change to an attitude of this is how I will help . So many new ideas come from our volunteers. One way that anyone can really step up is to become informed Of how we ride , learning the route, and kindly passing that info on. Think about it when you show up to a party, club or event you are real critical about the people, the venue, the music, the service. You are really rolling the dice on how your night is going to turn out. It makes it easy to say to walk away and say I hope they get it right next time. Yet, when you throw your own event, party, concert you have a little bit of your own spirit invested in it. You want people to have a good time. You want people to take pictures. You want people to be talking about your party for weeks. You want people to be asking about the next one. This is the change in attitude that I already see happening. It is like an epidemic, a BiRD flu, if you will. I know there are big groups of riders who come out and use bike party as a venue for you to build friendships amongst your crews. Can you imagine if each one of these clicks modeled good bike party behavior? Most already do this send a representative to a meeting, stay informed, follow the very simple rules, help someone in need, boo the knuckleheads and above all have a effing blast. You'd be surprised at how much your group could help. (big ups to Booze Cruise for leading us out of the startpoint last month) In other exciting news, did you know that a group in the East Bay has started their own East Bay Bike Party on the same night as our ride? SJBP, I think we are doing something right! Find out how you can become a BIRD I know a lot of you care for the ride it's time to make sure that the ride endures the 5000+ riders we expect this summer. Thank you SJBP for all that you have done and how you continue to build community through cycling. Own. The. Ride. //end rant

منتديات  commented on  Saturday, December 07, 2013  8:25 AM 
Measured by riders, Pelotonia 12 became the nation’s largest singleevent biking fundraiser. Among the riders were a record 1,635 members of Team Buckeye, the official superpeloton (riding group) of The Ohio State University – a team that included 1,198 riders, 336 virtual riders and 101 volunteers. Team Buckeye comprised 84 pelotons that collectively raised more than $2.1 million of the Pelotonia 12 total.

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