Pelotonia 2014 Drug Development Institute

​ Drug Development Institute Pelotonia Funds Support the Development of Anticancer Agents by OSUCCC – James ResearchersIn 2011, the OSUCCC – James collaborated with the colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy and Business to organiz ...[Read more]
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Pelotonia 2014 Instruments of Progress

​ILLUSTRATION BY RICHARD LILLASH INSTRUMENTS OF PROGRESSPelotonia Funds Help Purchase Sophisticated Technology and Preserve Priceless Tissue SamplesProgress in cancer research – the process of moving from an observation ma ...[Read more]
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Pelotonia 2014 From Pool to Pelotonia

​ ​FROM POOL TO PELOTONIA Champion Swimmer and Cancer Survivor Rode to Raise Research Revenue Emily Marsh-Fleming, Pelotonia 13(Editor’s Note: A profile of Emily Marsh-Fleming, a courageous cancer survivor who rode in Pelotonia despite her diagno ...[Read more]
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Pelotonia 2014 Bringing the Best to Ohio State

​BRINGING THE BEST TO OHIO STATE Funds raised by Pelotonia have helped recruit and retain some of the brightest minds in cancer research to Ohio State. Here, we highlight two of the renowned senior physic ...[Read more]
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Pelotonia 2014 Registration Open

​ REGISTRATION OPEN FOR PELOTONIA 14 Anyone wanting to participate in Pelotonia 14 as a rider, virtual rider or volunteer should visit and sign up for this year’s tour, to be held Aug. 8-10. Riders may choose from ...[Read more]
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UPFRONT Winter 2014

​ A Summer of Progress A beautiful autumn followed a summer of successes at the OSUCCC – James. MICHAEL A. CALIGIURI, MD DIRECTOR, COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, JAMES CANCER HOSPITAL AND SOLOVE RE ...[Read more]
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FRONTLINE Winter 2014

​ The Supreme Court Gene-Patenting Decision Has Far-Reaching Consequences By REBECCA NAGY, MS, CGC, clinical associate professor of Human Genetics and president of the National Society of Genetic CounselorsOn June 13, 2013, the United ...[Read more]
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CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS New Aent Shows Promise in CLL and MCL JOHN C. BYRD, MD, professor and director of the Division of Hematology, and a CLL specialist at the OSUCCC – James KRISTIE BLUM, MD, associate professor i ...[Read more]
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