The OSUCCC – James breast cancer treatment team members include world-renowned breast cancer sub-specialists in the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of individual breast cancers.

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, would like a second opinion, or would like more information on clinical trials available at the OSUCCC – James, please call The James Line at 800-293-5066 or 614-293-5066. The James Line is a free, confidential telephone service staffed by oncology nurses to provide callers with cancer information and physician referrals. The James Line is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 


Jeffrey Hawley, MD

I am a diagnostic radiologist specializing in breast cancer. My clinical and research focuses on breast imaging, breast MRI and imaging-guided breast biopsy. Together with the breast cancer team at the OSUCCC – James, I am working on projects related to imaging-guided breast biopsy and screening mammogram interpretation. Read More

Medical Oncology

Rachel Layman, MD

I am a medical oncologist who specializes in managing the treatment of patients with breast cancer. Together with a multidisciplinary breast cancer treatment team, I specialize in the diagnosis, assessment and management of treatment plans for patients. I manage the care for female and male patients with breast cancers, including inflammatory breast cancers. My clinical expertise extends to treating... Read More

Maryam Lustberg, MD

I am a medical oncologist who specializes in treating breast cancer. I treat patients in all stages of the disease. My clinical practice is dedicated to providing personalized care combined with the latest advances in breast cancer and survivorship. My research focuses on improving long-term outcomes for breast cancer patients who have developed side effects associated with treatment, and on... Read More

Ewa Mrozek, MD

I am a medical oncologist who specializes in treating women with breast cancer. In particular, I specialize in treating patients who are 70 years and older. Senior citizens with breast cancer face unique challenges. Pre-existing health conditions could complicate cancer treatments, but each patient, regardless of age, must be evaluated and treated based on her individual preference. I launched the... Read More

Bhuvaneswari Ramaswamy, MD

I am a medical oncologist who specializes in treating breast cancer and an expert in hormone-based therapeutics, endocrine resistance and experimental therapeutics. My research focuses on investigating the biology of breast tumors at a molecular level to identify characteristics of tumors that are resistant to hormone-based therapeutics, such as tamoxifen, and on why a third of patients do not... Read More

Robert Wesolowski, MD

I am a medical oncologist who specializes in treating patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. My clinical specialties include female and male breast cancers, breast cancer immunology, ductal breast carcinomas, lobular carcinomas, medullary carcinomas, hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome, and inflammatory breast cancers. My research focuses on breast cancer immunology. I study... Read More

Surgical Oncology

Doreen Agnese, MD

I am a surgical oncologist, clinical geneticist and researcher who treats patients with breast cancer, melanoma and strong family histories of cancer. As a surgeon, I specialize in treating high-risk breast cancer patients and in assessing cutaneous, subcutaneous and nodal masses, and performing appropriate resections. As a geneticist, I advise patients on risk assessments based on family history... Read More

William Carson, MD

I am a professor of surgery at the Ohio State University and am the associate director for clinical research at the OSUCCC – James. I am a surgical oncologist whose clinical interests include the surgical treatment of breast cancer and the therapy of advanced melanoma using targeted agents and novel activators of the immune system. I specialize in the surgical treatment of breast cancer using a... Read More

William Farrar, MD

I am a surgical oncologist specializing in the treatment of patients with breast cancer. I’ve held a number of institutional, state and national leadership roles over the course of my career, I currently serve as director of the OSUCCC – James’ Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center and as medical director of credentialing for the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. I have... Read More

Stephen Povoski, MD

I am a surgical oncologist who specializes in treating patients with breast cancer and other breast-related disease. My research interests primarily focus on the role of surgical oncology and imaging in cancer care. I develop strategies for perioperative and intraoperative tumor detection and imaging. I also develop tumor-directed surgical and non-surgical therapeutic interventions using molecular... Read More

Alicia Terando, MD

I am a surgical oncologist specializing in the treatment of breast cancer, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. I provide care as part of a multidisciplinary treatment team, working in conjunction with other oncologists and specialists to ensure an individualized, targeted treatment plan for our patients. Clinical interests of mine include oncoplastic lumpectomy and nipple-sparing mastectomy for... Read More

Lisa Yee, MD

Rated in the top 10 percent of physicians in the nation for patient satisfaction, 2014. Read More

Radiation Oncology