Over the years, the friends and family of Herbert Block have dedicated themselves to helping find a cure for cancer through the Herbert J. Block Memorial Tournament, which has raised $4.5 million for cancer research and education at the OSUCCC – James.

The tournament has evolved to include a great silent auction, wonderful raffles and amazing golf courses. But the one thing that has remained constant is that this popular event is a family affair, both for the Block family and for all who have contributed as golfers, volunteers, honorary chairs and steering committee members. Their combined efforts have made this tournament a premier fundraising event in Columbus.

We have much to be proud of but even more to anticipate as we continue to grow and play an ever-greater role in the global war against cancer.

Past Tournament Honorary Chairs 

The Herbert J. Block Memorial Tournament has been embraced by our community and most appreciatively by our Honorary Chairs. Your support and dedication to helping us raise funds and awareness for cancer research has been extraordinary. You have brought so much to the tournament, from your participation the day of to your meaningful and thoughtful comments during the evening program. Thank you for joining us in the fight against cancer. Your support has meant the world to us.

2012: Urban Meyer

2011: Robert Smith

2010: Archie Griffin

2009: Joseph Daniels

2008: President E. Gordon Gee

2007: Mike Vrabel

2006: Gene Smith

2005: Thad Matta

2004: Kirk Herbstreit

2003: No Tournament

2002: Eddie George

2001: Jim Tressel

2000: Stefanie and Chris Spielman

1999: Jim O’Brien

1998: Clark Kellogg

1997: Bobby Rahal

1996: Archie Griffin

1995: Greg Lashutka

1994: President E. Gordon Gee

1993: John Cooper

Past Tournament Champions

2014 Block Tournament Winner

2013: Lee Hyo Seung, Jason Goldberg, Dana Bromberg, Andrew Montooth, AJ McPherson (not pictured)

2012: Jim Beiser, Carl Mollenkopf, Tanner Murphy, David Stafford, Jeff Tegtmeier

2011: Jim Beiser, Carl Mollenkopf, Tanner Murphy, David Stafford, Jeff Tegtmeier

2010: Thom Adler, Monica Gordon, Rod Gordon, Alan Hinson, Bill Mountcastle

2009: Henry Hauser, Richard Connolly, Phil London, Mike Fultz, Rocky Geichman

2008: Jason Goldberg, Dana Bromberg, Lee Hyo-Sung, Bob Gardner

2007: Lee Smith, Henry Hauser, Richard Dick, Bud Essig, Mike Paul

2006: Matt Stavroff, Jeff Stavroff, Brian Schottenstein, Corey Schottenstein, Gary Taylor

2005: Thad Matta, Jack Schrom, Jeff Brown, Mike Williams, Andrew Kossoff

2004: Jason Goldberg, Jim Masters, Andrea Shepard, Dana Bromberg, Rob Mason

2002: Jay Stephan, Danny Rosen, Kevin Reilly, Jeff Block

2001: Tom Bieser, Brent Lally, Greg Brentlinger, Don Dyson

2000: Cameron Mitchell, Brad Flinders, Mark Wallar, Brian Trafford

1999: Bob Dyas, Richard Dyas, Rick Smudz, Jeff Yocca

1998: Todd Bragg, Dana Bromberg, Donald Dick, David Dick

1997: David Kass, Scott Pickett, David Sheidlower, Tom Sugar

1996: Greg Brightman, Tim D’Angelo, Rocky Geichman, Bobby Hoag

1995: Kevin Reilly, Kent Retterer, Danny Rosen, Greg Steele

1994: Wes Rosenthal, Rocky Geichman, Tim D’Angelo, Bobby Hoag

1993: Andy Wolfe, Skip Davis, John Larcher, Billy Wickes

1992: Rocky Geichman, Barry Leeman, Fred Portman, Peter Monett

1991: Scott Sher, Gene Shuman, Lee Smith, Mike Igoe

1990: Scott Sher, Gene Shuman, Lee Smith, Mike Igoe

1989: John Warden, Dick Swabby, Brian Russel, Gary Hoyle

1988: Chad Bowen, Kent Retterer, Kevin Reilly, Danny Rosena

1987: Tom Ickes, Jeff Edelstein, Steve Coy, Burt Di Benedetta

1986: Hal Block, Burton Berk, Dutch Geichman, John Green

1985: Bob Stevenson, Jim Dennis, Dan Baker, Joe Shirtzinger

1984: Billy Wickes, Kevin Koppert, Lee Smith, Wayne Stanley

1983: Marty Gold, Dutch Geichman, Bernie Shapiro, Burton Berk 

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