Stefanie Spielman established the Champion Award to recognize one of the most critical factors in surviving cancer: loving, unwavering support. In Stefanie’s case, such support during her battle with breast cancer came from her husband, Chris. To show her gratitude, Stefanie gave Chris the very first Champion Award in 2000.

Stefanie’s battle ended in 2009, but it was her hope that all cancer survivors could name someone who stood by them, gave them courage and helped them through.

Stefanie believed in changing and evolving to further her message of hope and inspiration with a greater audience. It is with that in mind that I am excited to announce a new direction for this inspiring event, the Step Up for Stefanie’s Champions Walk/Run on April 23, 2016. Our goal is to bring families together to celebrate Champions in the lives of cancer survivors. We will continue to recognize and present the Champion Awards on this very special day.

To date, the Spielman Funds have raised more than $17 million to support patient care and ground-breaking research at the OSUCCC – James. These world-class doctors and researchers are making incredible strides in the fight against cancer, but they can’t do it alone. Thank you again for your past commitment and for helping to raise awareness and support for The James. I hope you will continue your commitment as a sponsor as your support is critical to furthering our mission of creating a cancer-free world. See you at the start line on April 23, 2016! 

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