Your First Appointment

Thank you for choosing the OSUCCC – James for your cancer care and treatment.

It is a good idea to organize your information and questions before you see your doctor. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your first appointment.

If you have additional questions, call the James Line at 614-293-5123 or toll-free 800-293-5123.

Organize Your Health Information

  • Keep your health information in a notebook, folder or file. If you are seeing a new doctor, you should take your information with you to your appointment.
  • Keep notes about your personal health history, including the dates, for the following:
    • Your past and present health problems
    • Any surgeries or procedures
    • Tests and the results, if known (ask for copies of your tests and lab reports for your records)
    • Any allergies
    • Vaccines you have received
    • Your medicines
    • Health information about your parents, grandparents or siblings, if known

Preparing for Your Visit

  • Write down any questions you have for your doctor.
  • Underline or highlight the questions you want to make sure your doctor answers.
  • Write down any symptoms or problems, especially any new symptoms since your last visit. For example:
    • If you have headaches, tell the doctor when you get them, how long they last, if you get dizzy, what makes them better or worse, what you have done to treat the problem and if it has worked.
    • If you have pain, tell the doctor where it is located, how it feels (burning, cramping, aching, dull, stinging or sharp) and if it prevents you from doing your normal activities.
  • Keep a list of all the medicines you are taking, including:
    • Medicines prescribed by any of your doctors
    • Herbs
    • Vitamins
    • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Write down the following information about each medicine:
    • The name
    • How much you take
    • When you take it
    • Why you take it
  • Be prepared to bring in all of your medicines (in the original containers) so your doctor can review them with you at your visit.
  • Ask a family member or friend to come with you to the visit. This person can listen and take notes while you are talking to the doctor.

Things to Bring

  • Your insurance card and identification, including your social security number
  • Previous tests and radiology reports, if you have them
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers of other doctors who are treating you or referred you
  • Personal health information, including dates when events occurred and any allergies you may have to medications
  • Family health history information, listing significant conditions that affected family members directly related to you
  • A list of medications including the name, dosage and how often you take these medicines (or bring along empty bottles with the labels still intact)
  • A list of questions or concerns you may want to discuss with the doctor or nurse and paper and pen for recording new information
  • Please keep in mind not to wear rings or jewelry if you will be an inpatient. This is especially true if surgery is required.
  • A copy of your advance directives if you will be an inpatient.

Specific instructions and information about what to bring will be sent to those planning an in-hospital stay.


OSUCCC – James facilities and providers accept most insurance plans. You can refer to the full list of insurances we accept to see if your plan is accepted.

Before you schedule an appointment or procedure, always check with your insurance carrier to determine your policy’s benefits and any pre-visit requirements. As a patient, it is your responsibility to ensure you are covered for any services you receive and to provide accurate insurance information to facilitate the billing process. In general, bills will be submitted to the primary insurance carrier. When applicable, the bills will be submitted to a secondary insurer. The patient will then receive a bill with any remaining portion that is the patient’s responsibility.

If you do not have insurance or are underinsured, please see the Financial Assistance options that are available to you.

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