Multiple Myeloma Research

The Multiple Myeloma program at OSUCCC-James is focused on research including novel agents and therapies that will bring us closer to finding a cure for multiple myeloma.

The OSUCCC-James has:

  • Multicenter trials as part of nationally recognized cancer networks (e.g., CALGB, Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium) accruing patients to evaluate novel agents that we hope will increase and prolong remissions.
  • A number of National Institutes of Health (NIH) sponsored clinical trials evaluating experimental therapies that may provide hope for even patients with advanced relapsed or chemotherapy refractory myeloma.
  • Clinical trials that are not available anywhere else, placing us at the cutting edge of myeloma research.

To learn more about clinical trials and to find a list of current multiple myeloma clinical trials at OSUCCC-James please click here.




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