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Clinical trials in Radiation Oncology (Principal Investigator: John Grecula, MD)
Radiation therapy is part of many clinical trials available at the OSUCCC–James. The OSUCCC–James clinical trials are funded by the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

Radiation Oncology Research Programs

The goal of the OSUCCC–James Radiation Oncology research program is to translate new radiation oncology discoveries into new treatment techniques, and develop new radiation oncology instrumentation from the research bench into patient care.

The amount of radiation (dose), which can be safely given to treat a tumor, is frequently determined by the tolerance of the surrounding normal tissues rather than by the dose actually necessary to destroy the tumor. However, rapid progress in tumor delineation through tumor imaging and high-precision radiation therapy delivery methods are changing this paradigm, offering new hope for better outcomes. The advances in new functional and molecular tumor imaging, tumor delineation and targeting capabilities, combined with high-precision radiation therapy delivery technologies, are poised to improve the therapeutic ratio by allowing design of intensified dose schedules for improved cancer control while reducing treatment toxicity.

To explore these techniques and translate them to patient care is our research goal.

The department's research programs are focused on:

  • New techniques of tumor imaging and targeting
  • New delivery methods and modalities
  • Treatment outcome prediction, response modeling and design of optimal personalized radiation therapy schedules and techniques for the individual patient


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