The Drug Development Institute focuses on accelerating drug discovery and development through collaboration and results-based project management to speed new cancer treatments to patients.

Drug Development Partners

  • The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – world-class cancer research expertise and intellectual property
  • The Ohio State University – a breadth of resources expected from one of the nation’s largest public universities
  • R&D Industry – global experience and expertise in innovation development and commercialization
  • Pharmaceutical Industry – global experience and expertise in pharmaceutical cancer drug development and commercialization

Core Strategies

  • Create and optimize the value of Ohio State’s cancer research and develop a viable pipeline
  • Prioritize high-value projects and accelerate compounds through pre-clinical development
  • Drive results using a milestone-based project management system
  • Acquire funding for the most promising early-stage projects
  • Formalize meaningful strategic alliances with internal and external partners
  • Augment resources for continued investment in research


  • Identify promising drugs or compounds in the early stages of discovery and development
  • Analyze and determine viability of compounds as  commercial products.
  • Optimize the value of compounds by collaborating with University resources and industry partners
  • Utilize DDI’s proprietary project management system to:    
    • Create rigorous project plans to guide researchers     
    • Ensure data integrity
  • Manage project plans in three ways: DDI managed, partnered or out-licensed
  • Execute plans through phase I or selected phase II clinical trials
  • Efficiently propel discoveries forward with periodic internal and external advisory board reviews


Ohio State’s Drug Development Institute utilizes a unique, proven approach to identifying promising compounds created by Ohio State cancer research experts, recognizes and optimizes the value of those compounds, and leverages alliances with partners within the University and throughout the global industry to help deliver cancer drugs, and ultimately cures, to patients faster.

DDI Leadership

Tim Wright, Chair, External Advisory Board

Tim Wright has nearly 30 years of global pharmacy and biotechnical leadership experience, holding some of the highest posts, including those on boards of directors. Mr. Wright has comprehensive operating, drug-development, regulatory and strategic-management expertise, including small molecule, peptide and protein development.

Bence Boelcskevy, PhD, Partner and Deputy Director

Dr. Boelcskevy has more than 32 years of pharmaceutical  industry experience in research anddevelopment, project management, clinical operations, quality assurance and manufacturing operations. He has rationalized development portfolios, implementing a system that resulted in a 90+ percent critical milestone completion rate, and led cross-functional teams through the complex development and commercialization processes.

Contact Us

Bence Boelcskevy, PhD
Phone: 614-685-5668

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