Chang-hyuk Kwon, PhD

Chang-hyuk Kwon


College of Medicine


Neurological Surgery

Academic Title

Asst Professor

Research Program

Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Research Interest

Glioblastoma, Brain Cancer, Astrocytoma, Disease Models, Animal, Cancer, Macrocephaly, Glioma, Hypertrophy, Hamartoma Syndrome, Multiple, Neurofibromatosis 1

Dr. Kwon's laboratory is studying glioblastoma, the most aggressive and common brain malignancy with poor prognosis. By using Nf1, Trp53 and Pten conditional deletion in the brain, we have generated physiologically relevant mouse genetic models of this devastating disease. We also have demonstrated that a majority of the brain tumor type originates from neural stem cell lineage. By culturing the origin and tumor cells in neurosphere and monitoring molecular and cellular changes during the tumor development, we are searching for tumor drivers responsible for glioblastoma formation. 

Education and Background

Office Location

820 Biomedical Research Tower

460 W 12th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210



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