Grant Support Center

The Grant Support Center is the sponsored research management unit of the OSUCCC – James. The Grant Support Center provides pre- and post-award compliance assistance to select investigators and their teams through a highly qualified group of research administrators.


  • The PA-005 (Authorization to Seek Off-Campus Funding) begins the internal process for proposal submission—the grants manager starts and routes the form for all the required signatures, then files it with The Ohio State University Research Foundation (OSURF).

  • The Center works with investigators on RFA/RFP/PA guidelines

  • The grants manager prepares budgets and assists in budget justifications (provides up-to-date salary information for faculty and staff).

  • Federal proposals—the Center typically assists with the completion of the face-page and the routing for signatures, budgets and checklists. The Center also assist with "Just-in- Time" requests.

  • Private Foundations/Sponsors should complete proposal based on requirements, whether hard copy and/or on-line


  • The Center provides real-time budget tracking and comprehensive financial oversight for sponsored projects

  • Grants managers send monthly reports to investigators identifying project financial summaries and status

  • Grants managers work with investigators to appoint personnel to projects (Direct Appointment/Release Time) to reflect the true effort on projects

  • The Center works with investigators to establish sub-contracts when collaborating with other investigators/institutions—grants managers work directly with their institutional counterparts to initialize the contract process

Grant Support Staff

Kay Thompson
Associate Director for Sponsored Programs
Phone: 614-293-6682

Angie Wilson
Grants Manager                                       
Phone: 614-293-4635

Irina Costinean
Grants Manager
Phone: 614-293-3476

Michelle George
Grants Manager
Phone:  614-293-8610

Eric Hartley
Grants Manager
Phone: 614-293-8004

Emily Modak
Grants Manager
Phone: 614-366-4393

Robin Nau
Grants Manager
Phone:  614-366-5695

Katlyn Svensson
Grants Manager
Phone: 614-366-6416

Li Zheng
Grants Manager
Phone: 614-293-3583

Intramural Research Program

The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC) is now accepting applications for the Fall 2015 Intramural Research Awards Program (IRP), which includes the Pelotonia Research Awards Program and other funding sources. In the spring of this year, we funded seven grants. The funding opportunities for OSUCCC – James investigators include five award categories and can be downloaded here:

-- Bridge
-- Clinical Trial
-- Community
-- Idea
-- Team Science

Applications must be submitted no later than Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, by 12 p.m. EST.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Chris Scarcello at 614-293-4150.

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