Communications / Newsletters

July 2013
1.  Reminder: Obtain Approval Prior for Purchasing Equipment Requiring Emergency Power or Intended for Shared/Common Space
2.  Equipment Standards

May 2013
1.  Safety Corner
     - Keep Lab Doors Closed!  An EHS/OSU Requirement and the Only Way to Maintain Negative Pressure in Labs.

April 2013
1.  Questions or Concerns?  Visit Our Website!
2.  -80 Freezers:  Maintenance and Emergency Practices

February 2013
1.  Polaris Shuttle Changes
2.  Safety Corner
    - Hood Certifications and Maintenance Requirements

January 2013
1.  REES monitoring:  Protect Your Equipment
2.  Safety Corner
     -  Recycling and Waste Reduction

November 2012
1.   New website: Space, Operation and Projects (CCCLabs)
2.   Safety Corner
      -  EHS Anonymous Reporting Line
      -  Lab Inspection Pitfalls

October 2012
1.   CCC/Wiseman and Tzagournis Occupants: New Procedure for Reporting Building/Maintenance Requests
2.   Shared Equipment Locations and Rules

September 2012
1.   Shared Research Space:  Rules and Tips
2.  SAFETY CORNER:  EHS Reminder;  Chemical Hygiene Plan
3.  Team Member Highlight:  Larry Mull

August 2012
1.    Lab Relocations: Researcher Responsibilities and Reminders
2.    SAFETY CORNDER:  EHS Highlight:  Food and Drink Violations in Research Space
3.    Team Member Highlight:  Adam Yurkovic

July 2012
1.    CCC Shared Equipment—Purchase, Repair, and Tracking Policy
2.    SAFETY CORNER: The Ten Commandments of Safety

June 2012
1.    How to Report Facility Issues and Request Building Services: Steps to Improve Turnaround Times
2.    Billable vs. Non-billable Services
3.    Team Member Highlight:  Josh McElhaney

May 2012
1.    Explaining the Roles and Differences between CCCLabs and FOD
2.    Understanding Heating and Cooling Problems

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