Building Safety

BEAP (Building Emergency Action Plan)- Operating Procedures

Bomb Threats, Tornado Warnings, Laboratory Spills, Area Disasters, etc.


OSUCCC / Wiseman Hall



Occupant Safety Handbook - Ackerman

Occupant Safety Handbook - Polaris


Fire Safety- RACE (Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Extinguish)

All storage= 18”-24” from ceiling, Fire Blankets, Extinguisher in every lab


Building Maintenance provided by FOD / COM

Utility and Custodial Services

electricity, plumbing, gas, water, steam, air-heating / cooling, etc.

General housekeeping – strip & wax, wet/dry vac., absorbent materials, etc.


dry chemical, solvents, carcinogens, acids/bases, corrosives, biologicals, radionuclides- all have specific requirement regulations

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