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The AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource (ACSR) is a tissue and biological fluids bank of HIV-related specimens. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) established ACSR to encourage and facilitate research in HIV-related malignancies. The ACSR is administered by the NCI Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancy (OHAM). This consortium of universities and hospitals was originally called the AIDS Malignancy Bank (AMB) or AIDS and Cancer Specimen Bank (ACSB).
Malignant and other tissues from HIV infected patients are needed more than ever to provide opportunities for critical translational research. Translational research focuses on the pathogenesis of AIDS related malignancies and other human tissue for study. Scientists now have the ability to ask and answer more questions than during the early phase of the AIDS epidemic.
The ACSR is a resource of HIV-infected tissues and other specimens for use by qualified investigators to facilitate their research. The ACSR also provides qualified researchers with tissue, cell, blood and fluid specimens, as well as clinical data, from patients with HIV-related malignancies and other HIV diseases.
For more detail, see Ayers LW, Silver S, McGrath MS, Orenstein JM. The AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource: Role in HIV/AIDS scientific discovery. Infect Agent Cancer. 2007 Mar 2;2:7 or browse the national ACSR web site.

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