Intramural Research Program

The OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC) is pleased to introduce a new component to our Intramural Research Program, limited to only Shared Resources.  Effective with this round, we are expanding the program to include equipment and/or developmental funds for our Shared Resources.  Shared Resource Directors will summarize their request on the attached application and it will be submitted along with all the other categories of grants.  These will be catalogued and sent to our internal and external reviewers just as the grant applications are.   For more information and an application, please use the links below.

SR Equipment Development Requests IRP

IRP Application - SR Equipment Fall 2014

The OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC) is now accepting applications for the Fall 2014 Intramural Research Program Awards (IRP) (including The Pelotonia Research Awards Program and other funding sources). In the Spring of 2014 we funded 11 grants. The quality was great but the competition was tough. Grants are only awarded if they are highly meritorious. 

Download the Fall 2014 IRP Announcement here: 

Fall 2014 IRP Awards Announcement

Download the Fall 2014 IRP Applications here:

IRP Application - Bridge Fall 2014.docIRP Application - Bridge Fall 2014.doc

IRP Application - Clinical Trial Fall 2014.docIRP Application - Clinical Trial Fall 2014.doc

IRP Application - Community Fall 2014.docIRP Application - Community Fall 2014.doc

IRP Application - Idea Fall 2014.docIRP Application - Idea Fall 2014.doc

IRP Application - Team Science Fall 2014.docIRP Application - Team Science Fall 2014.doc

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact ChrisScarcello @ 293-4150


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