Qinghua Sun MD, PhD

Qinghua Sun MD, PhD
ProfessorCollege of Public Healthsun.224@osu.edu
424 Cunz Hall 1841 Neil Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-247-1560Fax: (614) 688-4233
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Research Description

Dr. Sun's lab investigates the impacts of ambient air pollution and ambient temperature changes on human health and disease development, especially cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The lab utilizes “Versatile Aerosol Concentrator and Enrichment System” to mimic “real world” fine particulate matter exposure, and apply “Temperature Chamber System” to create an isolated microenvironment for heat wave or cold stimulation. These systems are especially good for murine models to explore the underlying mechanisms using genetics, molecular biology and cell biology.

Current Publications

  • Morishita M, Bard RL, Wang L, Das R, Dvonch JT, Spino C, Mukherjee B, Sun Q, Harkema JR, Rajagopalan S, Brook RDThe characteristics of coarse particulate matter air pollution associated with alterations in blood pressure and heart rate during controlled exposures.J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol in press 9/17/2014
  • Liu C, He X, Hong X, Kang F, Chen S, Wang Q, Chen X, Hu D, Sun QSuppression of Placental Metallothionein 1 and Zinc Transporter 1 mRNA Expressions Contributes to Fetal Heart Malformations Caused by Maternal Zinc Deficiency.Cardiovasc Toxicol in press 5/8/2014
  • Taylor A, Narula V, Hazey J, Mikami D, Needleman B, Rutsky J, Sun Q, Deiuliis JA, Satoskar AR, Rajagopalan S, Zhong J, Rao X, Braunstein ZT-cell costimulation protects obesity-induced adipose inflammation and insulin resistance.Diabetes 63 1289-302 4/1/2014
  • Bai Y, Xu Z, Zhang J, Mao D, Luo C, He Y, Liang G, Lu B, Bisesi MS, Sun Q, Xu X, Yang W, Liu QRegional impact of climate on Japanese encephalitis in areas located near the three gorges dam.PLoS One 9 e84326 1/1/2014
  • Ying Z, Xu X, Bai Y, Zhong J, Chen M, Liang Y, Zhao J, Liu D, Morishita M, Sun Q, Spino C, Brook RD, Harkema JR, Rajagopalan SLong-term exposure to concentrated ambient PM2.5 increases mouse blood pressure through abnormal activation of the sympathetic nervous system: a role for hypothalamic inflammation.Environ Health Perspect 122 79-86 1/1/2014
  • Wagner JG, Allen K, Yang HY, Nan B, Morishita M, Mukherjee B, Dvonch JT, Spino C, Fink GD, Rajagopalan S, Sun Q, Brook RD, Harkema JRCardiovascular depression in rats exposed to inhaled particulate matter and ozone: effects of diet-induced metabolic syndrome.Environ Health Perspect 122 27-33 1/1/2014
  • Liu C, Xu X, Bai Y, Wang TY, Rao X, Wang A, Sun L, Ying Z, Gushchina L, Maiseyeu A, Morishita M, Sun Q, Harkema JR, Rajagopalan SAir pollution-mediated susceptibility to inflammation and insulin resistance: influence of CCR2 pathways in mice.Environ Health Perspect 122 17-26 1/1/2014
  • Maiseyeu A, Yang HY, Ramanathan G, Yin F, Bard RL, Morishita M, Dvonch JT, Wang L, Spino C, Mukherjee B, Badgeley MA, Barajas-Espinosa A, Sun Q, Harkema J, Rajagopalan S, Araujo JA, Brook RDNo effect of acute exposure to coarse particulate matter air pollution in a rural location on high-density lipoprotein function.Inhal Toxicol 26 23-9 1/1/2014
  • Bai Y, Jiang LP, Liu XF, Wang D, Yang G, Geng CY, Li Q, Zhong LF, Sun Q, Chen MThe role of oxidative stress in citreoviridin-induced DNA damage in human liver-derived HepG2 cells.Environ Toxicol in press 12/6/2013
  • Ying Z, Xu X, Chen M, Liu D, Zhong M, Chen LC, Sun Q, Rajagopalan SA synergistic vascular effect of airborne particulate matter and nickel in a mouse model.Toxicol Sci 135 72-80 9/1/2013
  • Brook RD, Bard RL, Morishita M, Dvonch JT, Wang L, Yang HY, Spino C, Mukherjee B, Oral EA, Sun Q, Brook JR, Harkema J, Rajagopalan S, Kaplan MJ, Yalavarthi SThe effect of acute exposure to coarse particulate matter air pollution in a rural location on circulating endothelial progenitor cells: results from a randomized controlled study.Inhal Toxicol 25 587-92 8/1/2013
  • Liu MJ, Bao S, Bolin ER, Burris DL, Xu X, Sun Q, Killilea DW, Shen Q, Ziouzenkova O, Belury MA, Failla ML, Knoell DLZinc deficiency augments leptin production and exacerbates macrophage infiltration into adipose tissue in mice fed a high-fat diet.J Nutr 143 1036-45 7/1/2013
  • Li Y, Cai M, Sun Q, Liu Z, Cardounel AJ, Swartz HM, He GHyperoxia and transforming growth factor β1 signaling in the post-ischemic mouse heart.Life Sci 92 547-54 3/21/2013
  • Sun Z, Mukherjee B, Brook RD, Gatts GA, Yang F, Sun Q, Brook JR, Fan Z, Rajagopalan SAir-Pollution and Cardiometabolic Diseases (AIRCMD): a prospective study investigating the impact of air pollution exposure and propensity for type II diabetes.Sci Total Environ 448 72-8 3/15/2013
  • Dvonch JT, Morishita M, Kaciroti N, Brook RD, Xu X, Bard RL, Sun Q, Harkema J, Rajagopalan SReduced metabolic insulin sensitivity following sub-acute exposures to low levels of ambient fine particulate matter air pollution.Sci Total Environ 448 66-71 3/15/2013
  • Liu C, Ying Z, Harkema J, Sun Q, Rajagopalan SEpidemiological and experimental links between air pollution and type 2 diabetes.Toxicol Pathol 41 361-73 2/1/2013
  • Zheng Z, Zhang C, Yan J, Ruan Y, Zhao X, San X, Mao Y, Sun Q, Zhang K, Fan ZDiabetes mellitus is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma: a retrospective case-control study in hepatitis endemic area.PLoS One 8 e84776 1/1/2013
  • Yin H, Ru H, Yu L, Kang Y, Lin G, Liu C, Sun L, Shi L, Sun Q, Liu CTargeting of Rho kinase ameliorates impairment of diabetic endothelial function in intrarenal artery.Int J Mol Sci 14 20282-98 1/1/2013
  • Zheng Z, Xu X, Zhang X, Wang A, Zhang C, Hüttemann M, Grossman LI, Chen LC, Rajagopalan S, Sun Q, Zhang KExposure to ambient particulate matter induces a NASH-like phenotype and impairs hepatic glucose metabolism in an animal model.J Hepatol 58 148-54 1/1/2013
  • Lippmann M, Chen LC, Rajagopalan S, Sun Q, Xu X, Jiang SY, Wang TY, Bai Y, Zhong M, Wang AInflammatory response to fine particulate air pollution exposure: neutrophil versus monocyte.PLoS One 8 e71414 1/1/2013
  • Rao X, Zhong J, Xu X, Jordan B, Maurya S, Braunstein Z, Wang TY, Huang W, Aggarwal S, Periasamy M, Rajagopalan S, Mehta K, Sun QExercise protects against diet-induced insulin resistance through downregulation of protein kinase Cβ in mice.PLoS One 8 e81364 1/1/2013
  • Sun L, Liu C, Xu X, Ying Z, Maiseyeu A, Wang A, Allen K, Lewandowski RP, Bramble LA, Morishita M, Wagner JG, Dvonch J, Sun Z, Yan X, Brook RD, Rajagopalan S, Harkema JR, Sun Q, Fan ZAmbient fine particulate matter and ozone exposures induce inflammation in epicardial and perirenal adipose tissues in rats fed a high fructose diet.Part Fibre Toxicol 10 43 1/1/2013

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