Stephen Osmani A PhD

Stephen Osmani A PhD
ProfessorCollege of Arts & Sciences
Phone:Fax: (614) 247-6845
  • Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Current Publications

  • Shen KF, Osmani AH, Govindaraghavan M, Osmani SAMitotic regulation of fungal cell-to-cell connectivity through septal pores involves the NIMA kinase.Mol Biol Cell 25 763-75 3/1/2014
  • Govindaraghavan M, McGuire Anglin SL, Shen KF, Shukla N, De Souza CP, Osmani SAIdentification of interphase functions for the NIMA kinase involving microtubules and the ESCRT pathway.PLoS Genet 10 e1004248 3/1/2014
  • Govindaraghavan M, Lad AA, Osmani SAThe NIMA kinase is required to execute stage-specific mitotic functions after initiation of mitosis.Eukaryot Cell 13 99-109 1/1/2014
  • Hashmi SB, Osmani AH, Osmani SA, De Souza CPApplication of a new dual localization-affinity purification tag reveals novel aspects of protein kinase biology in Aspergillus nidulans.PLoS One 9 e90911 1/1/2014
  • Larson JR, Facemyer EM, Shen KF, Ukil L, Osmani SAInsights into dynamic mitotic chromatin organization through the NIMA kinase suppressor SonC, a chromatin-associated protein involved in the DNA damage response.Genetics 196 177-95 1/1/2014
  • Shen KF, Osmani SARegulation of mitosis by the NIMA kinase involves TINA and its newly discovered partner, An-WDR8, at spindle pole bodies.Mol Biol Cell 24 3842-56 12/1/2013
  • De Souza CP, Hashmi SB, Osmani AH, Andrews P, Ringelberg CS, Dunlap JC, Osmani SAFunctional analysis of the Aspergillus nidulans kinome.PLoS One 8 e58008 1/1/2013

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