Heather L Hampel MS, CGC

Heather L Hampel MS, CGC
Professor - ClinicalCollege of MedicineHeather.Hampel@osumc.edu
1000 Polaris Parkway 2001 Polaris Pkwy Columbus OH 43240
  • Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Current Publications

  • Pal TComparing universal Lynch syndrome tumor-screening programs to evaluate associations between implementation strategies and patient follow-through.Genet Med 3/20/2014
  • Holinski-Feder EBiallelic MUTYH mutations can mimic Lynch syndrome.Eur J Hum Genet 2/12/2014
  • Teipel SJSubregional Basal Forebrain Atrophy in Alzheimer's Disease: A Multicenter Study.J Alzheimers Dis 2/6/2014
  • Goldberg RMProstate cancer incidence in males with Lynch syndrome.Genet Med 1/16/2014
  • Jin M, Hampel H, Pilarski R, Zhou X, Peters S, Frankel WLPhosphatase and tensin homolog immunohistochemical staining and clinical criteria for Cowden syndrome in patients with trichilemmoma or associated lesions.Am J Dermatopathol 35(6) 637-40 8/1/2013
  • Jin M, Hampel H, Zhou X, Schunemann L, Yearsley M, Frankel WLBRAF V600E mutation analysis simplifies the testing algorithm for Lynch syndrome.Am J Clin Pathol 140(2) 177-83 8/1/2013
  • de la Chapelle AHow do we approach the goal of identifying everybody with Lynch syndrome?Fam Cancer 12(2) 313-7 6/1/2013
  • Plocharczyk EF, Frankel WL, Hampel H, Peters SBMismatch repair protein deficiency is common in sebaceous neoplasms and suggests the importance of screening for Lynch syndrome.Am J Dermatopathol 35(2) 191-5 4/1/2013
  • Moreira L, Balaguer F, Lindor N, de la Chapelle A, Hampel H, Aaltonen LA, Hopper JL, Le Marchand L, Gallinger S, Newcomb PA, Haile R, Thibodeau SN, Gunawardena S, Jenkins MA, Buchanan DD, Potter JD, Baron JA, Ahnen DJ, Moreno V, Andreu M, Ponz de Leon M, Rustgi AK, Castells AIdentification of Lynch syndrome among patients with colorectal cancer.JAMA 308(15) 1555-65 10/17/2012
  • Nyström MMismatch repair analysis of inherited MSH2 and/or MSH6 variation pairs found in cancer patients.Hum Mutat 33(8) 1294-301 8/1/2012
  • Senter LIdentification of individuals at risk for Lynch syndrome using targeted evaluations and genetic testing: National Society of Genetic Counselors and the Collaborative Group of the Americas on Inherited Colorectal Cancer joint practice guideline.J Genet Couns 21(4) 484-93 8/1/2012
  • Mercado RC, Hampel H, Kastrinos F, Steyerberg E, Balmana J, Stoffel E, Cohn DE, Backes FJ, Hopper JL, Jenkins MA, Lindor NM, Casey G, Haile R, Madhavan S, de la Chapelle A, Syngal SPerformance of PREMM(1,2,6), MMRpredict, and MMRpro in detecting Lynch syndrome among endometrial cancer cases.Genet Med 14(7) 670-80 7/1/2012

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