Shared Resources Core

The Shared Resources Core for this Center consists of two sections: 1) the Measurement and Analysis Core (MAC) and the Clinical Correlates Core (CCC). Each section is described below, including how each interacts with the other components of the Center to support the goal of the Center, reducing cervical cancer in Appalachia. This Core builds upon and continues the work of the Cores in the prior Ohio State University (OSU) Center for Population Health and Health Disparities (CPHHD).


      The MAC plays a pivotal role to ensure that all individual projects achieve their research goals and objectives. The MAC provides project investigators with a centralized resource for recruitment, survey design, data collection, data management, and statistical expertise and support. Specific study aims include:

  1. Providing recruitment and accrual assistance and consultation to all projects
  2. Providing guidance and assistance in developing, testing and implementing data collection tools, including hiring, training and supervision of interviewers; design and conduct of surveys and focus groups; and monitoring of the data collection process, as well as quality control
  3. Developing, testing, and maintaining data management systems to allow investigators to effectively and efficiently manage, store and analyze their data
  4. Overseeing and conducting statistical analysis of data generated by the projects including both descriptive summary statistics and inferential methods, including modification and/or development of new statistical methodologies, when/if the need arises, to directly support the research projects relevant to the Center

The MAC works with the Administrative Core (AC) to provide necessary information for all Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) meetings, such as accrual rates, analysis plans and results. And the MAC works with the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Behavioral Measurement Shared Resource (BMSR) to assist all projects with participant recruitment and development of data collection tools.

Michael Slater, PhD – Director
Bo Lu, PhD – Co-Director
Susan Geyer, PhD
Michael Pennell, PhD
Jill Oliveri, DrPH – Core Manager
– Data Manager
OSUCCC Behavioral Measurement Shared Resource

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