A. Douglas Kinghorn PhD, DSc

A. Douglas Kinghorn PhD, DSc
ProfessorCollege of Pharmacykinghorn.4@osu.edu
446 Parks Hall 500 W 12th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
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  • Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention
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General Research Interest

Natural products; pharmacognosy; drug discovery; anticancer agents; cancer chemopreventive agents; natural sweetening agents; antimicrobial agents; tropical plants; edible plants

Research Description

Dr. Kinghorn has worked for about 30 years on the discovery of new anticancer agents from mainly tropical plants. For over a decade while at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Dr. Kinghorn served as Principal Investigator of a National Cooperative Drug Discovery Groups (NCDDG) project entitled "Novel Strategies for Plant-Derived Anticancer Agents" (U01/U19 CA52956; funded by the U.S. National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, from which several good compound leads emerged, such as betulinic acid, pervilleine A, and silvestrol.  Dr. Kinghorn is currently Principal Investigator of a collaborative multidisciplinary program project entitled “Discovery of Anticancer Agents of Diverse Natural Origin” (P01 CA125066), again funded by NCI (2007-2012). The primary objective of this project is to discover new natural product anticancer agents from tropical plants, aquatic cyanobacteria, and filamentous fungi. Other research interests of Dr. Kinghorn's are on the investigation of botanical dietary supplements and edible plants for their potential cancer chemopreventive principles, the search for new sweeteners and taste-modifying agents from plants, and the investigation of plant principles for the treatment of tropical infectious diseases.

Transinstitutional Work

Program project  P01 CA125066 mentioned above is a formal collaboration between The Ohio State University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Bristol-Myers Squibb (Princeton, NJ), and Mycosynthetix (Hillsborough, NC). Other OSU faculty members involved with this program project are Dr. Esperanza Carcache de Blanco (College of Pharmacy) and Dr. David Jarjoura (Center for Biostatistics). Recently, Dr. Kinghorn has collaborated and co-published with Drs. Michael Grever and David Lucas (Division of Hematology and Oncology,  OSUMC), Drs. Steven D'Ambrosio and Haiming Ding (Department of Radiology, OSUMC), and Dr. Robert Brueggemeier (College of Pharmacy, OSU).

Current Publications

  • Pérez LB, Still PC, Naman CB, Ren Y, Pan L, Chai HB, Carcache de Blanco EJ, Ninh TN, Van Thanh B, Swanson SM, Soejarto DD, Kinghorn ADInvestigation of Vietnamese plants for potential anticancer agents.Phytochem Rev 13 727-739 12/1/2014
  • Caligiuri MA, Yu J, Deng Y, Chu J, Ren Y, Fan Z, Ji X, Mundy-Bosse B, Yuan S, Hughes T, Zhang J, Cheema B, Camardo AT, Xia Y, Wu LC, Wang LS, He X, Kinghorn AD, Li XThe Natural Product Phyllanthusmin C Enhances IFN-γ Production by Human NK Cells through Upregulation of TLR-Mediated NF-κB Signaling.J Immunol 193 9/15/2014
  • Yong Y, Pan L, Ren Y, Fatima N, Ahmed S, Chang LC, Zhang X, Kinghorn AD, Swanson SM, Carcache de Blanco EJAssay development for the discovery of semaphorin 3B inducing agents from natural product sources.Fitoterapia in press 184-191 7/10/2014
  • Kanagasabai R, Gallucci JC, Ninh TN, Chai HB, Soejarto DD, Fuchs JR, Yalowich JC, Yu J, Swanson SM, Kinghorn AD, Ren Y, Lantvit DD, Deng YPotent Cytotoxic Arylnaphthalene Lignan Lactones from Phyllanthus poilanei.J Nat Prod 77 1494-504 6/27/2014
  • Patton JT, Lustberg ME, Lozanski G, Garman SL, Towns WH, Drohan CM, Lehman A, Zhang X, Bolon B, Pan L, Kinghorn AD, Grever MR, Lucas DM, Baiocchi RAThe translation inhibitor silvestrol exhibits direct anti-tumor activity while preserving innate and adaptive immunity against EBV-driven lymphoproliferative disease.Oncotarget in press 6/12/2014
  • Li J, Pan L, Naman CB, Deng Y, Chai H, Keller WJ, Kinghorn ADPyrrole alkaloids with potential cancer chemopreventive activity isolated from a goji berry-contaminated commercial sample of African mango.J Agric Food Chem 62 5054-60 6/4/2014
  • Parinandi N, Kinghorn AD, Satoskar AR, Lezama-Dávila CM, Pan L, Isaac-Márquez AP, Terrazas C, Oghumu S, Isaac-Márquez R, Pech-Dzib MY, Barbi J, Calomeni EPentalinon andrieuxii root extract is effective in the topical treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania mexicana.Phytother Res 28 909-16 6/1/2014
  • Ren Y, Yuan C, Qian Y, Chai HB, Chen X, Goetz M, Kinghorn ADConstituents of an extract of Cryptocarya rubra housed in a repository with cytotoxic and glucose transport inhibitory effects.J Nat Prod 77 550-6 3/28/2014
  • Bueno Pérez L, Pan L, Muñoz Acuña U, Li J, Chai HB, Gallucci JC, Ninh TN, Carcache de Blanco EJ, Soejarto DD, Kinghorn ADCaeruleanone A, a rotenoid with a new arrangement of the D-ring from the fruits of Millettia caerulea.Org Lett 16 1462-5 3/7/2014
  • Callahan KP, Minhajuddin M, Corbett C, Lagadinou ED, Rossi RM, Grose V, Balys MM, Pan L, Jacob S, Frontier A, Grever MR, Lucas DM, Kinghorn AD, Liesveld JL, Becker MW, Jordan CTFlavaglines target primitive leukemia cells and enhance anti-leukemia drug activity.Leukemia in press 2/28/2014
  • Kinghorn ADChanges for Volume 77.J Nat Prod 77 1 1/24/2014
  • Bueno Pérez L, Pan L, Sass E, Gupta SV, Lehman A, Kinghorn AD, Lucas DMPotentiating effect of the flavonolignan (-)-hydnocarpin in combination with vincristine in a sensitive and P-gp-expressing acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line.Phytother Res 27 1735-8 11/1/2013
  • Yuan C, Lai H, Chai H, Chagwedera TE, Farnsworth NR, Carcache de Blanco EJ, Li J, Pan L, Deng Y, Muñoz-Acuña U, Li C, Soejarto DD, Kinghorn ADSphenostylisins A-K: bioactive modified isoflavonoid constituents of the root bark of Sphenostylis marginata ssp. erecta.J Org Chem 78 10166-77 10/18/2013
  • Ren Y, Jiménez F, García R, Mejía M, Chai H, Farnsworth NR, Soejarto DD, Kinghorn ADA cytotoxic dimeric furanoheliangolide from Piptocoma rufescens.Tetrahedron Lett 54 5457-5460 10/2/2013
  • Spear SA, Burns SS, Oblinger JL, Ren Y, Pan L, Kinghorn AD, Welling DB, Chang LSNatural compounds as potential treatments of NF2-deficient schwannoma and meningioma: cucurbitacin D and goyazensolide.Otol Neurotol 34 1519-27 10/1/2013
  • Ren Y, Chai H, Goetz M, Kinghorn ADA cytotoxic decahydronaphthalenylpropenal derivative and tetrahydrofuran lignans from the stems of Cameraria latifolia.Tetrahedron Lett 54 4854-4858 9/4/2013
  • Bueno Pérez L, Li J, Lantvit DD, Pan L, Ninh TN, Chai HB, Soejarto DD, Swanson SM, Lucas DM, Kinghorn ADBioactive constituents of Indigofera spicata.J Nat Prod 76 1498-504 8/23/2013
  • Li L, Han AR, Kinghorn AD, Frye RF, Derendorf H, Butterweck VPharmacokinetic properties of pure xanthones in comparison to a mangosteen fruit extract in rats.Planta Med 79 646-53 5/1/2013
  • Pan L, Acuña UM, Li J, Jena N, Ninh TN, Pannell CM, Chai H, Fuchs JR, Carcache de Blanco EJ, Soejarto DD, Kinghorn ADBioactive flavaglines and other constituents isolated from Aglaia perviridis.J Nat Prod 76 394-404 3/22/2013
  • Endeshaw M, Zhu X, He S, Pandharkar T, Cason E, Mahasenan KV, Agarwal H, Li C, Munde M, Wilson WD, Bahar M, Doskotch RW, Kinghorn AD, Kaiser M, Brun R, Drew ME, Werbovetz KA8,8-dialkyldihydroberberines with potent antiprotozoal activity.J Nat Prod 76 311-5 3/22/2013
  • Still PC, Yi B, González-Cestari TF, Pan L, Pavlovicz RE, Chai HB, Ninh TN, Li C, Soejarto DD, McKay DB, Kinghorn ADAlkaloids from Microcos paniculata with cytotoxic and nicotinic receptor antagonistic activities.J Nat Prod 76 243-9 2/22/2013
  • Thomas-Ahner JM, Li J, Riedl KM, Nontakham J, Suksumrarn S, Clinton SK, Kinghorn AD, Failla ML, Chitchumroonchokchai CAnti-tumorigenicity of dietary α-mangostin in an HT-29 colon cell xenograft model and the tissue distribution of xanthones and their phase II metabolites.Mol Nutr Food Res 57 203-11 2/1/2013
  • Kinghorn ADChanges for volume 76.J Nat Prod 76 1 1/25/2013
  • Kogure T, Kinghorn AD, Yan I, Bolon B, Lucas DM, Grever MR, Patel TTherapeutic potential of the translation inhibitor silvestrol in hepatocellular cancer.PLoS One 8 e76136 1/1/2013
  • Alachkar H, Santhanam R, Harb JG, Lucas DM, Caligiuri MA, Perrotti D, Byrd JC, Garzon R, Grever MR, Marcucci G, Oaks JJ, Hickey CJ, Pan L, Kinghorn ADSilvestrol exhibits significant in vivo and in vitro antileukemic activities and inhibits FLT3 and miR-155 expressions in acute myeloid leukemia.J Hematol Oncol 6 21 1/1/2013

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