Zhongfa Liu PhD

Zhongfa Liu PhD
Res Asst ProfessorCollege of Pharmacyliu.550@osu.edu
R152 Riffe 500 W 12th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-688-5527Fax: (614) 292-7766
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General Research Interest

Modulation, DNA methylation, Human Cancers, Dietary Supplements

Research Description

Validation of DNA adducts as epigenetic biomarkers in human cancers and their Modulation by bioactive dietary supplements and synthetic chemicals for cancer chemotherapy and chemoprevention using state-of-art mass spectrometry based technologies. Areas of Study include: (1)   Modulation effect of bioactive dietary supplements on aberrant epigenetic pattern in human cancer cells. (2)   Development of dietary supplements for use in cancer chemotherapy and chemoprevention. (3)   Preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of anti-cancer drugs

Transinstitutional Work

To be a member of PhSAR at the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center, designated support will be provided for the preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of various anti-cancer drugs evaluated in both preclinical and/or phase I/II clinical setting at the James Cancer Center. In collaboration with several eminent investigators at Division of Oncology and hematology, Human Virus and Genetics, College of Dentistry and School of Medicine, understanding the modulation effect of dietary supplements on the aberrant DNA methylation pattern in various human cancers is our predominant research and the future of our research is to advance this to clinical setting to optimize current epigenetic therapy and prevention using long-term-used and safe dietary supplements

Current Publications

  • Cao Y, Xu RX, Liu ZA high-throughput quantification method of curcuminoids and curcumin metabolites in human plasma via high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 949-950 70-8 2/15/2014
  • Young NA, Bruss MS, Gardner M, Willis WL, Mo X, Valiente GR, Cao Y, Liu Z, Jarjour WN, Wu LCOral Administration of Nano-Emulsion Curcumin in Mice Suppresses Inflammatory-Induced NFκB Signaling and Macrophage Migration.PLoS One 9 e111559 1/1/2014
  • Hubbell JA, Kelly EM, Aarnes TK, Bednarski RM, Lerche P, Liu Z, Lakritz JPharmacokinetics of midazolam after intravenous administration to horses.Equine Vet J 45 721-5 11/1/2013
  • Christoforidis JB, Liu Z, Xie Z, Jiang A, Wang J, Pratt C, Gemensky-Metzler A, Abdel-Rasoul M, Roy SSerum levels of intravitreal bevacizumab after vitrectomy, lensectomy and non-surgical controls.Curr Eye Res 38 761-6 7/1/2013
  • Mortazavi A, Ling Y, Martin LK, Wei L, Phelps MA, Liu Z, Harper EJ, Ivy SP, Wu X, Zhou BS, Liu X, Deam D, Monk JP, Hicks WJ, Yen Y, Otterson GA, Grever MR, Bekaii-Saab TA phase I study of prolonged infusion of triapine in combination with fixed dose rate gemcitabine in patients with advanced solid tumors.Invest New Drugs 31 685-95 6/1/2013
  • Liu Z, Ren C, Jones W, Chen P, Seminara SB, Chan YM, Smith NF, Covey JM, Wang J, Chan KKLC-MS/MS quantification of a neuropeptide fragment kisspeptin-10 (NSC 741805) and characterization of its decomposition product and pharmacokinetics in rats.J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 926 1-8 5/1/2013
  • Fan-Havard P, Liu Z, Chou M, Ling Y, Barrail-Tran A, Haas DW, Taburet AM, ANRS12154 Study GroupPharmacokinetics of phase I nevirapine metabolites following a single dose and at steady state.Antimicrob Agents Chemother 57 2154-60 5/1/2013
  • Aarnes TK, Fry PR, Hubbell JA, Bednarski RM, Lerche P, Chen W, Bei D, Liu Z, Lakritz JPharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of midazolam after intravenous and intramuscular administration in alpacas.Am J Vet Res 74 294-9 2/1/2013
  • Chu BF, Karpenko MJ, Liu Z, Aimiuwu J, Villalona-Calero MA, Chan KK, Grever MR, Otterson GAPhase I study of 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine in combination with valproic acid in non-small-cell lung cancer.Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 71 115-21 1/1/2013
  • Wang H, Chen P, Wang J, Santhanam R, Aimiuwu J, Saradhi UV, Liu Z, Schwind S, Mims A, Byrd JC, Grever MR, Villalona-Calero MA, Klisovic R, Walker A, Garzon R, Blum W, Chan KK, Marcucci GIn vivo quantification of active decitabine-triphosphate metabolite: a novel pharmacoanalytical endpoint for optimization of hypomethylating therapy in acute myeloid leukemia.AAPS J 15 242-9 1/1/2013
  • Yu J, Peng Y, Wu LC, Xie Z, Deng Y, Hughes T, He S, Mo X, Chiu M, Wang QE, He X, Liu S, Grever MR, Chan KK, Liu ZCurcumin down-regulates DNA methyltransferase 1 and plays an anti-leukemic role in acute myeloid leukemia.PLoS One 8 e55934 1/1/2013

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