Junan Li PhD

Junan Li PhD
Res ScientistCollege of Pharmacyli.225@osu.edu
230 Parks Hall 500 W 12th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-688-4370Fax: (614) 292-4053
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General Research Interest

Molecular mechanisms underlying environmentally-induced cancers and its prevention

Research Description

 (1) Structure-function relationship of oncogens and tumor suppressors;  (2) Biomarkers in the early stage of oral cancer progression;  (3) Biophysical and biophysical properties of ankyrin repeat proteins.

Transinstitutional Work

(1) In collaboration with Dr. Weghorst to identify biomarkers in the early stage of oral cancer progression;  (2) In collaboration with a group of PIs in OSU CCC (headed by Drs. Weghorst and Clinton) to indentify natural products with potential in chemopreventation of oral cancers.

Current Publications

  • Poi MJ, Knobloch TJ, Sears MT, Uhrig LK, Warner BM, Weghorst CM, Li JCoordinated Expression of Cyclin-dependent Kinase-4 and its Regulators in Human Oral Tumors.Anticancer Res 34 3285-92 7/1/2014
  • Li J, Knobloch TJ, Poi MJ, Zhang Z, Davis AT, Muscarella P, Weghorst CMGenetic alterations of RD(INK4/ARF) enhancer in human cancer cells.Mol Carcinog 53 211-8 3/1/2014
  • Poi MJ, Knobloch TJ, Sears MT, Warner BM, Uhrig LK, Weghorst CM, Li JAlterations in RD(INK4/ARF) -mediated en bloc regulation of the INK4-ARF locus in human squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.Mol Carcinog in press 12/2/2013
  • Stephens DM, Ruppert AS, Maddocks K, Andritsos L, Baiocchi R, Jones J, Johnson AJ, Smith LL, Zhao Y, Ling Y, Li J, Phelps MA, Grever MR, Byrd JC, Flynn JMCyclophosphamide, alvocidib (flavopiridol), and rituximab, a novel feasible chemoimmunotherapy regimen for patients with high-risk chronic lymphocytic leukemia.Leuk Res 37 1195-9 10/1/2013
  • Yuan C, Guo Y, Zhu L, Guo W, Mahajan A, Weghorst CM, Li JThe study of pH-dependent stability shows that the TPLH-mediated hydrogen-bonding network is important for the conformation and stability of human gankyrin.Biochemistry 52 4848-57 7/16/2013
  • Poi MJ, Knobloch TJ, Yuan C, Tsai MD, Weghorst CM, Li JEvidence that P12, a specific variant of P16(INK4A), plays a suppressive role in human pancreatic carcinogenesis.Biochem Biophys Res Commun 436 217-22 6/28/2013

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