David P Carbone MD, PhD

David P Carbone MD, PhD
ProfessorCollege of Medicinecarbone.41@osu.edu
488 Biomedical Research Tower 460 W 12th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-685-4479Fax: 614-293-4372
  • Experimental Therapeutics

Current Publications

  • Carbone DPOncogenic and sorafenib-sensitive ARAF mutations in lung adenocarcinoma.J Clin Invest 124 1582-6 4/1/2014
  • Carbone DP, Chakravarti AFrom the guest editors: management of locally advanced lung cancer.Cancer J 19(3) 199 5/1/2013
  • Giacalone NJ, Den RB, Eisenberg R, Chen H, Olson SJ, Massion PP, Carbone DP, Lu BALDH7A1 expression is associated with recurrence in patients with surgically resected non-small-cell lung carcinoma.Future Oncol 9(5) 737-45 5/1/2013
  • Shepherd FAPrognostic and predictive role of the VeriStrat plasma test in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer treated with erlotinib or placebo in the NCIC Clinical Trials Group BR.21 trial.J Thorac Oncol 7(11) 1653-60 11/1/2012
  • Ivanova AVTumour suppressor Fus1 provides a molecular link between inflammatory response and mitochondrial homeostasis.J Pathol 227(4) 456-69 8/1/2012

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