Robert Wesolowski MD

Robert Wesolowski MD
Asst ProfessorCollege of
Starling Loving Hall 320 W 10th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-366-8541Fax: 614-293-4372
  • Experimental Therapeutics

Current Publications

  • Baliga RRPrimary prevention of cancer-related thrombosis: Special focus on ambulatory patients.Int J Cardiol 3/20/2014
  • Wesolowski RIncidence of infusion-site reactions associated with peripheral intravenous administration of fosaprepitant.Support Care Cancer 1/9/2014
  • Wenzell CM, Berger MJ, Blazer MA, Crawford BS, Griffith NL, Wesolowski R, Lustberg MB, Phillips GS, Ramaswamy B, Mrozek E, Flynn JM, Shapiro CL, Layman RMPilot study on the efficacy of an ondansetron- versus palonosetron-containing antiemetic regimen prior to highly emetogenic chemotherapy.Support Care Cancer 21(10) 2845-51 10/1/2013
  • Wesolowski RDocetaxel-induced skin toxicities in breast cancer patients subsequent to paclitaxel shortage: a case series and literature review.Support Care Cancer 21(10) 2679-86 10/1/2013
  • Markowitz J, Wesolowski R, Papenfuss T, Brooks TR, Carson WE 3rdMyeloid-derived suppressor cells in breast cancer.Breast Cancer Res Treat 140(1) 13-21 7/1/2013
  • Shapiro CLSevere and prolonged lymphopenia observed in patients treated with bendamustine and erlotinib for metastatic triple negative breast cancer.Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 71(5) 1183-90 5/1/2013

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