Chadwick L Wright MD, PhD

Chadwick L Wright MD, PhD
Asst ProfessorCollege of
401 Twelfth Avenue, 395 West 395 W 12th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-292-6092Fax: 614-293-6935
  • Experimental Therapeutics

General Research Interest

Molecular Imaging, Optical Imaging, Oncologic Nuclear/PET Imaging and Hybrid imaging modalities

Research Description

Dr. Wright's research interests include (1) cancer imaging with clinical nuclear medicine techniques, (2) PET radioisotope-based optical imaging techniques (i.e., Cerenkov luminescence imaging), (3) perioperative/intraoperative cancer imaging and detection, (4) ex vivo surgical specimen imaging, (5) PET imaging of Yttrium-90 based radiotherapies, (6) molecular genetic imaging of cancer using promoter-driven reporter gene expression, and (7) molecular imaging of novel cancer therapeutics (e.g., oncolytic viruses).

The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James) 300 W. 10th Ave. Columbus, OH 43210 Phone: 1-800-293-5066 | Email: