Mark Wewers D MD

Mark Wewers D MD
ProfessorCollege of
201 Davis Heart & Lung Research Inst 473 W 12th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-247-7707Fax: (614) 293-4799
  • Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention

General Research Interest

innate host responses of macrophages

Research Description

Dr. Wewer’s research focuses on host defense against pathogens, particularly relevant to the lung and critical to survival His lab is interested in understanding the role of proteins that regulate the activation of the intracellular enzyme, caspase-1. This work is relevant to understanding how the lung and circulating mononuclear phagocytes are capable of sensing danger from pathogens and responding with robuts inflammation centered around IL-1.

Transinstitutional Work

These innate immune projects are linked to the Center for Microbial Interface Biology, the Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute and the Comprehensive Cancer Center.  We currently work with CMIB members on a project understanding the host reponse to the intracellular pathogen, Francisella tularensis, we are actively pursuing the role of the inflammasome (caspase-1 regulatory proteins) in the context of acute myeloid leukemias with members of the CCC and we have several ongoing projects that are involved in the inflammasome response to sepsis and ventilator associated pneumonia.

Current Publications

  • Fernandes-Alnemri T, Alnemri ES, Gavrilin MA, Wewers MD, Ghonime MG, Shamaa OR, Das S, Eldomany RAInflammasome priming by lipopolysaccharide is dependent upon ERK signaling and proteasome function.J Immunol 192 3881-8 4/15/2014
  • Wewers MD, Rahman MA, Sundaram K, Mitra S, Gavrilin MAReceptor interacting protein-2 plays a critical role in human lung epithelial cells survival in response to Fas-induced cell-death.PLoS One 9 e92731 1/1/2014
  • Besecker BY, Das S, Wewers MD, Sarkar A, Exline MC, Justiniano S, Hollyfield JL, Berhe FMicrovesicular caspase-1 mediates lymphocyte apoptosis in sepsis.PLoS One 9 e90968 1/1/2014
  • Cardone M, Dzutsev AK, Li H, Riteau N, Gerosa F, Shenderov K, Winkler-Pickett R, Provezza L, Riboldi E, Leighty RM, Orr SJ, Steinhagen F, Wewers MD, Sher A, Anderson SK, Goldszmid R, McVicar DW, Lyakh L, Trinchieri GInterleukin-1 and Interferon-γ Orchestrate β-Glucan-Activated Human Dendritic Cell Programming via IκB-ζ Modulation.PLoS One 9 e114516 1/1/2014
  • Wewers MD, Crystal RGAlpha-1 antitrypsin augmentation therapy.COPD 10 Suppl 1 64-7 3/1/2013
  • Liu MJ, Bao S, Gálvez-Peralta M, Pyle CJ, Rudawsky AC, Pavlovicz RE, Killilea DW, Li C, Nebert DW, Wewers MD, Knoell DLZIP8 regulates host defense through zinc-mediated inhibition of NF-κB.Cell Rep 3 386-400 2/21/2013
  • Gillette DD, Shah PA, Cremer T, Gavrilin MA, Besecker BY, Sarkar A, Knoell DL, Cormet-Boyaka E, Wewers MD, Butchar JP, Tridandapani SAnalysis of human bronchial epithelial cell proinflammatory response to Burkholderia cenocepacia infection: inability to secrete il-1β.J Biol Chem 288 3691-5 2/8/2013

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