Xue-feng Bai MD, PhD

Xue-feng Bai MD, PhD
Assoc ProfessorCollege of Medicinebai.21@osu.edu
168 Hamilton Hall 1645 Neil Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-292-8649Fax: 614-292-7072
  • Innate Immunity

Current Publications

  • Yu JGenetic Modification of T Cells Redirected towards CS1 Enhances Eradication of Myeloma Cells.Clin Cancer Res 3/27/2014
  • Friedman AMathematical modeling of interleukin-27 induction of anti-tumor T cells response.PLoS One 9 e91844 1/1/2014
  • Liu Z, Yu J, Carson WE 3rd, Bai XFThe role of IL-27 in the induction of anti-tumor cytotoxic T lymphocyte response.Am J Transl Res 5(5) 470-80 8/15/2013
  • Liao KL, Bai X, Friedman AThe role of CD200-CD200R in tumor immune evasion.J Theor Biol 328 65-76 7/7/2013
  • Wang Z, Liu JQ, Liu Z, Shen R, Zhang G, Xu J, Basu S, Feng Y, Bai XFTumor-derived IL-35 promotes tumor growth by enhancing myeloid cell accumulation and angiogenesis.J Immunol 190(5) 2415-23 3/1/2013
  • Liu Z, Liu JQ, Talebian F, Wu LC, Li S, Bai XFIL-27 enhances the survival of tumor antigen-specific CD8+ T cells and programs them into IL-10-producing, memory precursor-like effector cells.Eur J Immunol 43(2) 468-79 2/1/2013
  • Talebian F, Bai XFThe role of tumor expression of CD200 in tumor formation, metastasis and susceptibility to T lymphocyte adoptive transfer therapy.Oncoimmunology 1(6) 971-973 9/1/2012

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