Susan Moffatt-Bruce D MD

Susan Moffatt-Bruce D MD
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General Research Interest

T cell immunology. The interaction of macrophages and T cells in lung cancer model.

Research Description

Our laboratory is interested in the role of T cells in the treatment of lung cancer. In particular, we are interested in investigating the role of T cells in patients that have both early and late lung cancer and received therapy in the form of photodynamic therapy.  We use both a lung cancer model as well as human samples (07115) and are currently investigating the role of T regulatory cells in these patient that receive the therapy and will follow their survival.  Additional studies will include investigating the role of macrophages in presenting antigen to the CD4 T cells and their response with and without treatment in patients with distinct stages of disease

Transinstitutional Work

This work is a collaborative effort between the Divisions of Transplantation, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Surgical Oncology.  As such, we plan on using the expertise gained in understanding the role of T cell biology in immune responses under varying treatment regimens.  Whilst in transplantation we are interested in allo-tolerance, we will turn focus our lessons learned and investigate the allo-aggressive responses that are important in the treatment of cancer both in animal and clinical models

Current Publications

  • Moffatt-Bruce S, Leon ME, Roth RMetastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the anus to the lung confirmed with allelotyping.Case Rep Pathol 2014 608521 1/1/2014
  • Mitchell JD, Schmitz DS, Grondin SC, Ikonomidis JS, Bakaeen FG, Merritt RE, Meyer DM, Moffatt-Bruce SD, Reece TB, Wood DE, Smith MAChoosing wisely: cardiothoracic surgeons partnering with patients to make good health care decisions.Ann Thorac Surg 95 1130-5 3/1/2013
  • Stawicki SP, Moffatt-Bruce SD, Ahmed HM, Anderson HL 3rd, Balija TM, Bernescu I, Chan L, Chowayou L, Cipolla J, Coyle SM, Gracias VH, Gunter OL, Marchigiani R, Martin ND, Patel J, Seamon MJ, Vagedes E, Ellison EC, Steinberg SM, Cook CHRetained surgical items: a problem yet to be solved.J Am Coll Surg 216 15-22 1/1/2013

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