Henry Wong K MD


Henry Wong K MD
Assoc ProfessorCollege of Medicinewong.408@osu.edu
232 Kenny Road 2006 Building B 2012 Kenny Road Columbus Ohio 43221
  • Leukemia Research

Research Description

Dr. Wong’s basic research is focused on the pathogenesis of CTCL. The long term goals are to identify unique molecular biomarkers to improve the accuracy for diagnosis of CTCL, monitor response to therapy, and aid the development of novel treatments.

Current Publications

  • Dubovsky JA, Flynn R, Du J, Harrington BK, Zhong Y, Kaffenberger B, Yang C, Towns WH, Lehman A, Johnson AJ, Muthusamy N, Devine SM, Jaglowski S, Serody JS, Murphy WJ, Munn DH, Luznik L, Hill GR, Wong HK, MacDonald KK, Maillard I, Koreth J, Elias L, Cutler C, Soiffer RJ, Antin JH, Ritz J, Panoskaltsis-Mortari A, Byrd JC, Blazar BRIbrutinib treatment ameliorates murine chronic graft-versus-host disease.J Clin Invest in press 10/1/2014
  • de Silva S, Wang F, Hake TS, Porcu P, Wong HK, Wu LDownregulation of SAMHD1 expression correlates with promoter DNA methylation in Sézary syndrome patients.J Invest Dermatol 134 562-5 2/1/2014
  • Kaffenberger BH, Kartono Winardi F, Frederickson J, Porcu P, Wong HKPeriocular cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma clearance with brentuximab vedotin.J Clin Aesthet Dermatol 6 29-31 8/1/2013
  • Wong HK, Kaffenberger BH, Zirwas MA palpable erythematous cord over the trunk in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus. Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis (IGD).JAMA Dermatol 149 609-14 5/1/2013
  • de Silva S, Hoy H, Hake TS, Wong HK, Porcu P, Wu LPromoter methylation regulates SAMHD1 gene expression in human CD4+ T cells.J Biol Chem 288 9284-92 3/29/2013
  • Kaffenberger BH, Wong HK, Jarjour W, Andritsos LARemission of psoriasis after allogeneic, but not autologous, hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation.J Am Acad Dermatol 68 489-92 3/1/2013
  • Ariza ME, Williams MV, Wong HKTargeting IL-17 in psoriasis: from cutaneous immunobiology to clinical application.Clin Immunol 146 131-9 2/1/2013
  • Gibson HM, Mishra A, Chan DV, Hake TS, Porcu P, Wong HKImpaired proteasome function activates GATA3 in T cells and upregulates CTLA-4: relevance for Sézary syndrome.J Invest Dermatol 133 249-57 1/1/2013

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