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​The ACCSSR currently hosts a wide array of cytometers and cell sorting instrumentation. Below are some comprehensive tables to help select the appropriate instrument for your experiment.

Cell sorters:




The shared resource has two cell sorters available the Aria IIu and Aria III. The Aria IIu has two lasers, a 488 blue and 633 red and detectors for up to seven colors. The Aria III adds additional 355 UV and 561 yellow, green lasers along with additional detectors taking it up to eleven colors. These lasers allow the Aria III to perform applications including side populations using Hoescht dyes, fluorescent proteins like mCherry, and ploidy. Both are capable of sorting up to 4 populations at a time and plate sorting including but not limited to 96 wells. 














The shared resource has 2 analyzers a 2 laser 4 color FACSCalibur and 3 laser 12 color LSR II. Both instruments have 488 and 633 lasers while the LSR II has an additional 405 violet laser. The violet laser and the accompanying additional detectors give you an additional wide variety of color options for your analysis applications.


Flurochrome guide to selecting instrumentation:





 Assay guide to selecting instrumentation:

​Aria III ​Aria IIu ​Calibur ​LSR II
​1 Color Assay ​X ​X ​X ​X
2-4 Color Assay​ ​X ​X ​X ​X
5-8 Color Assay​ ​X ​X ​X
​UV Applications ​X
mCherry/RFP​ ​X
Plate Sorting​ ​X ​X
Multi-population sorting​ ​X ​X


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