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Analytical Cytometry is a quantitative analytical method that can measure physical and chemical properties of cells and particles as well as separate cells based on specific characteristics. The Analytical Cytometry Laboratory provides instrumentation, technical operation and support for cell identification, characterization and cell separation. The resource provides the primary means of rapidly and accurately analyzing multiple cell characteristics as well as sorting pure populations of cells for cancer investigators.
A number of educational opportunities are available for researchers to use and apply flowcytometry. These include scientific seminars, marketing at cancer-specific meetings, instrumentation overviews, application workshops and an inaugural, full-day scientific conference. Additionally, the Mid Ohio Cytometry Associates (MOCA) regional “users group” has been established, which meets regularly to discuss relevant cytometry issues and to generate educational ideas.
NEW SERVICE: The new BD FACSAria III Flow Cytometer.
This instrument has new laser capabilities: 488 nm, 640 nm, 561 nm and 355 nm lasers (blue, red, yellow-green and UV) and double the current sorting capability of the shared resource. The new BD FACSAria III will deliver high-speed cell-sorting and additional multicolor capabilities beyond what is currently offered in the ACSR.
The new instrument will effectively double the sorting capability of the shared resource. In addition, it will be equipped with four lasers: the usual blue 488 nm and red 640 nm our instruments currently have, along with an additional UV 355 nm and a yellow 561 nm laser, giving us the ability to analyze 12 fluorescent parameters. The 561 will give us capabilities to analyze and sort cells expressing mCherry and DsRed fluoroprobes. The UV excitation will give better excitation for DAPI and Hoechst dyes, and include a filter set for side populations. A redesigned flow cell will enable the Aria III to be able to sort cell cycle samples. Like our current Aria IIu within the core, the new Aria III will be capable of sorting four populations into microtubes, 12x75 mm tubes, two ways into 15 mL conical tubes, along with various plates from six to 384 wells.
Our services include:
Cell Analysis (including immunophenotyping, DNA Cell Cycle Analysis, Annexin V apoptosis, etc)
Single cell analysis is available using the BD FACSCalibur and BD LSR II systems
Cell Sorting
High-speed cell sorting is available using the BD FACSAria IIu and Aria III
Data Analysis
Data Analysis is available for analyzing previously stored data for statistical purposes and preparing data for presentations in abstracts, grants, manuscripts or publications in scientific journals.





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