Instrumentation Equipment

The Leukemia Tissue Bank Shared Resource (LTBSR) operates in accordance with NCR Best Practices for sponsored repositories and offers The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center members and the cancer research community access to the following instrumentation and equipment:

Beckman Coulter ViCell™ Counter performs viable cell counts and provides viability data on each Ficoll-separated blood or marrow sample prior to cryopreservation.

Benchtop Centrifuges for mononuclear cell separation

Biosafety Cabinets for isolating tissue material

Buccal Swab & Mouthwash Collection Kit collects specimens collected for DNA isolation.

Computer Workstations for electronic database management

Dangerous Goods Shipping Container

Dry Ice for transport or shipping

MVE Automated Filling System for efficient liquid nitrogen use. The system includes a service area and automatic tank switcher at which up to four LN2 tanks can be stationed. Vacuum-jacketed piping leads to filling stations for each LN2 freezer. 
MVE LN2 Freezers to prevent direct contact with liquid nitrogen. Freezers hold 15,500 – 36,400 samples depending on rack size and storage box profile.

NanoDrop Spectrophotometer offers spectrophotometric analysis of absorbance ratios for quality control of nucleic acids. This spectrophotometer quickly determines the concentration and quality of isolates, such as RNA or DNA, and uses an extremely small (1-1.5ul) sample volume. That volume enables the LTBSR to perform appropriate quality checks of samples while preserving the bulk of the sample for other studies.

Polymerase Chain Reaction Thermocycler for quality control of procured and prepared materials

Rees Scientific Environmental Monitoring System for 24/7 monitoring of all LTBSR freezers and refrigerators. The Rees system provides an hourly readout of monitored units and immediate telecommunication with individuals in the event of temperature fluctuation beyond the indicated range. It is capable of monitoring from distances up to one mile from the central processing site.

Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

QIAcube™ Biorobot for automated sample preparation for RNA, DNA and Protein using Qiagen® spin-column technology – the basis for thousands of studies produced by investigators in clinical, forensic and research labs around the world. The automated procedures provide more consistent sample products and improve lab workflow efficiency.


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