The Leukemia Tissue Bank Shared Resource (LTBSR) provides technical expertise and training to facilitate the successful translation of basic leukemia research to the clinical setting via an extensive repository of tissue samples and accompanying pathologic, cytogenetic and clinical data for ready correlation of clinical and biological results.

Committed to furthering translational research efforts for OSUCCC–James members and the cancer research community, the LTBSR provides investigators with training and technical support as well as procurement, processing, storage, retrieval and distribution of clinical research materials. 

LTBSR Director: David Lucas, PhD

Laboratory Supervisor: Donna Bucci, BS

Clinical Research Data Coordinator: Christopher Manring, BS

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Donna Bucci, BS, the LTBSR laboratory supervisor, brings 25 years of biomedical laboratory expertise to the LTBSR. She has co-authored more than 20 professional publications and abstracts, creates technical manuals and manages clinical trial sites for molecular virology diagnostic assays and a tissue-based assay for testing chemotherapeutic agents’ effectiveness on patient tumor samples.

Bucci’s areas of expertise include cell biology and immunology with an emphasis on Immunohistochemistry, microscopy and flow cytometric analysis.

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Christopher Manring, BS, is the clinical research data coordinator for the LTBSR. He is an expert in performing all aspects of routine sample processing, including logging samples from various studies, assigning unique identifiers, and preparing centrifuge tubes, eppendorf tubes, counting vials and cryovials for viable cells. 

Additionally, Manring prepares ficoll separated mononuclear cells from peripheral blood and bone marrow patient samples, performs cell counts, obtains viability data from samples, and determines allocation of each sample for various post-ficoll sample processing.

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