Leukemia Tissue Bank

The Leukemia Tissue Bank Shared Resource (LTBSR) facilitates the successful translation of basic leukemia research to the clinical setting via an extensive repository of tissue samples and accompanying pathologic, cytogenetic and clinical data for ready correlation of clinical and biological results.

Committed to furthering translational research efforts for OSUCCC–James members and the cancer research community, the LTBSR provides investigators with training and technical support as well as procurement, processing, storage, retrieval and distribution of clinical research materials. 

In many cases, the LTBSR serves as the central processing lab for multi-site trials in which the principal investigator is an OSUCCC–James member. 

The LTBSR’s goals are to:

  • Provide a central collection, processing and a state-of-the-art repository for samples collected from leukemia patients treated on OSUCCC–James protocols, and
  • Provide materials to investigators involved in collaborative studies with OSU, who examine relevant cellular and molecular properties of leukemia and correlate these properties with clinical or population-based outcomes.

The LTBSR, which is an NCI-sponsored biorepository, has more than 40,000 vials of cryopreserved viable cells and 13,000 vials of matched frozen plasma and/or serum samples from more than 4,000 patients treated for leukemia and other malignancies.

Director:  David M. Lucas, PhD

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