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The Leukemia Tissue Bank Shared Resource (LTBSR) facilitates successful translation of basic leukemia research to the clinical setting via an extensive repository of tissue samples; accompanying pathologic, cytogenetic and clinical data for ready correlation of clinical and biological results; and expert training and support for cancer investigators.

An NCI-sponsored biorepository, the LTBSR has more than 40,000 vials of cryopreserved viable cells and 13,000 vials of matched frozen plasma and/or serum samples from more than 4,000 patients treated for leukemia and other malignancies.

The LTBSR’s services include:

Ficoll Separation & Cryopreservation of Viable Cells
Bone marrow and blood samples for procurement are prepared by Ficoll separation. After a viable cell count is complete, cell pellets are washed and cells are allocated for derivative sample preparation as determined by treatment or correlative or research protocols. Remaining viable cells are prepared for cryopreservation and stored overnight in a controlled-rate freezing vessel. Samples are transferred to liquid nitrogen for long-term storage.

Centralized Banking of Procured Samples

Cytological Slide Preparation

Dangerous Goods Shipping

DNA from Mononuclear Cell Fraction

DNA Isolation from Buccal Swab Collection

Materials Processing for Studies
The LTBSR can process material for studies, including isolating protein, RNA and DNA, and preparing cDNA from cellular samples. The resource also coordinates central molecular and flow cytometry analyses for certain studies. Central isolation of protein and nucleic acids has allowed the LTBSR to provide investigators with the exact amount of uniform, high quality material required, thereby conserving material obtained from a single vial of cells for additional studies. 

Paxgene Sample Processing

Primary Cell Culture

Quality Control of Nucleic Acids
This includes spectrophotometric analysis of absorbance ratios (NanoDrop).

Research Consultation

RNA Isolation from Mononuclear Cell Fraction

Sample Selection & Data Processing

Sample Retrieval, Packaging and Shipping

Spectrophotometric Analysis
Analysis using the NanoDrop enables quick determiniation of concentration and quality of isolates such as RNA or DNA while preserving the bulk of the sample for other studies.

Serum or Plasma Isolation
Serum and plasma are derived from whole blood.

Wright/Giemsa with Blast Count or Cytological Slide Preparation






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