Instrumentation Equipment

The Microarray Shared Resource (MASR) provides a centralized, comprehensive resource of microarray technologies to the OSUCCC–James research community.

It is equipped with the following:

The Affymetrix GeneChip System includes two GeneChip Hyb-Station Oven 320/640, two Affy Fluidics Station 450s, and one Affy GeneChip Scanner 3000.

The system for in-house custom microarray includes:
• The GeneMachine OminiGrid 100 Arrayer
• The Tecan TeMo Liquid Handling Workstation
• 4 Tecan HS4800 Hybridization Stations
• 2 Axon 4000B and 4200A Microarray Scanners
• 2 MJ Tetrad thermocycler
• PE 9700 PCR Machines

Affymetrix GeneChips enable the MASR to provide genome-wide gene expression profiling and SNP genotyping. This includes sample preparation and labeling; chip hybridization and staining; chip scanning; and initial image analysis. Further data analysis is also offered in collaboration with statisticians.

To ensure reliability of results, continuous quality control efforts include: testing of sample-processing reproducibility, analysis of chip-production variability by Affymetrix and equipment reliability evaluation.

The Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 performs capillary electrophoresis using fluorescence to characterize RNA/DNA size distribution. The Bioanalyzer 2100 can measure RNA/DNA quantity and integrity at nano- and pico-gram levels via Degradometer software.

The Custom Array Platform is the oligo-based, genome-wide mRNA Xpression microarray and microRNA Xpression microarray. A service package on the Custom Array Platform includes chip fabrication, sample labeling from total RNA, hybridization, scanning and data extraction.

Additionally, the MASR offers any kind of project-oriented custom chip fabrication.




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