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The Microarray Shared Resource (MASR) provides a centralized, comprehensive resource of microarray technologies to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC) research community. Microarray is a powerful, high throughput technology that can monitor thousands of gene mRNAs by transcriptional profiling in a single experiment.

The MASR’s services include:


Genomic DNA Gain/Loss Detection on BAC CGH Array
Microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) for genomic gain/loss detection on SpectroGenomics (CGH) BAC arrays. Sample quality and quantity requirement for CGH: 5~10 ug genomic DNA needed.

Microarray Processing and Data Analysis

Genome-wide and targeted microRNA transcriptional profiling on Affymetrix and Custom expression platforms. (Note: link info to “transcriptional profiling” is below; link info to Affymetrix and Custom platforms is under Instrumentation) Sample quality and quantity requirement for expression profiling:  5-10 ug of intact total RNA in DEPC-H20 at the concentration 0.5ug/ul needed.

MicroRNA Genomic Gain/Loss on Oligo CGH Array
MicroRNA-specific genomic CGH detection on custom oligo array.

MicroRNA/Non-coding Small RNA Transcriptional Profiling
Genome-wide human/mouse microRNA expression profiling on custom microarray. Sample quality and quantity requirement for microRNA expression profiling: 5-10 ug non-column purified total RNA (0.5-1.0 ug/ul) in DEPC-H2O needed.

RNA Characterization
Quantitative measurement of RNA integrity to improve expression analysis quality and reliability. The research investigator provides high-quality total RNA only, and the MASR provides the in-house microarray fabrication, biotin-labeled antisense RNA target preparation, target/chip hybridization, chip post-hybridization signal detection, chip scanning, chip girding, data crunching, preliminary data analysis and data interpretation if needed.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Genotyping
Genome-wide and targeted SNP genotyping on Affymetrix and Custom platforms. Sample quality and quantity requirement for SNP genotyping on Affymetrix Chips: 0.5-1.0 ug of genomic DNA needed.

Data analysis of tens of thousands of genes is a new challenge in molecular biology and requires a careful design of experiments for high-quality results. Virtually any technical variations are observed in the results.

Transcriptional expression profiling is performed in one of two modes to derive maximum information while also maximizing cost-effectiveness.
Genome-wide expression profiling is used when seeking the fingerprint pattern and identity of all possible expressed genes.

Expression profiling is performed after genome-wide screening analysis. It permits focus on a large number of replicated conditions, time points, cancer stages or samples from different individuals. The technology is a single-color system on Affymetrix and Custom Arrays.

The oligo probes are in situ synthesis (Affymetrix 25mer) or spotted (Custom Array 65mer) and immobilized on the chip. The biological testing sample is further processed by linear amplification and biotin-labeling during in vitro transcription (IVT) to generate a single strand antisense RNA (aRNA) as a target for chip hybridization. The median normalized data from control and testing samples are compared to each other in fold change for further identification of differentially expressed genes.


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