Instrumentation Equipment

The Microscopy Shared Resource (MSR) offers the following instruments and equipment for use by members of the OSUCCC–James.

The FEI Tecnai Spirit BioTWIN TEM is a state-of-the-art transmission electron microscope (TEM) used for examining thin sections of tissue and cultures. The 120 kV TEM shows the fine structure of cellular organelles, details of cell-cell interactions and the distribution of extracellular matrix. It is also used for high resolution examination of negatively stained nanostructures to determine their size and shape. The Tecnai is equipped for Cryo-TEM with a Gatan holder and high resolution CCD. Cryo-TEM examines hydrated nanostructures and determines their configuration and loading with drugs.

The FEI Nova NanoSEM is a scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with a field emission gun and through-the-lens detectors. The ultrahigh resolution SEM is used to examine the cell surfaces, extracellular matrix, biofilms and nanostructures. 

The Olympus FV 1000 Filter Confocal offers routine confocal microscopy of fixed tissue sections and cultured cells. It is equipped with four lasers, high N.A. and short working distance objectives.

The Olympus FV 1000 Spectral Confocal, used for routine confocal microscopy of fixed tissue sections and cultured cells, is not only equipped with four lasers, high N.A. and short working distance objectives, but its spectral capability also enables researchers to examine unique fluorophores and eliminate autofluorescence.

The Olympus FV1000 MPE Multiphoton Laser Scanning Confocal is equipped with a Deep See MaiTai TiSapphire laser, a 25x1.05 N.A. 2mm working distance water objective, four non-descanned detectors and a forward second harmonic generation (SHG) detector. This microscope enables researchers to examine living animals and tissues with the ability to penetrate up to 1mm.

The Visitech Infinity3 2D Array Confocal has five lasers and a Hamamatsu C9100 EM13 CCD camera. The confocal head can be moved between an Olympus IX81 and an Olympus fixed stage microscope for imaging cultured cells or live animals. The confocal is ideally suited for following rapid physiological events down to 5 milliseconds.

The CRI Nuance Spectral Camera stands on an upright microscope and collects a 10nm spectrum at each pixel for each micrograph. The camera enables researchers to separate labeling by color in either bright-field or wide-field fluorescence microscopy.

The Pellco Biowave enables rapid tissue processing for electron microscopy. 

The Leica UC6 Cryo-Ultramicrotome can section standard epoxy blocks and fixed frozen tissue for electron microscopy. Besides its use for electron microscopy, the technique is also used to obtain 0.2 micron thick sections for light microscopic immunocytochemistry.

Two Reichert UltraCut E Ultramicrotomes enable researchers to section epoxy blocks of tissue.




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