The Nucleic Acid Shared Resource provides substantial technical expertise and training for state-of-the-art genomic instruments in order to address fundamental cancer research questions. Through a variety of educational outreach activities, OSUCCC members are introduced to new instrumentation, technology and methodologies being developed at OSU and other key allied organizations.

NASR Director:   Hansjuerg Alder, PhD

Technical Director, Illumina HiSeq2500:  Pearlly Yan, PhD

Laboratory Services Coordinator:  Paolo Fadda, PharmD

Laboratory Services Coordinator:  Christine Daugherty, MS

Hansjuerg Alder, PhD, a research professor, is the director and faculty supervisor of the Nucleic Acid Shared Resource. He oversees day-to-day operations, staff, research project coordination, training, troubleshooting and consulting, and he assists investigators in experimental designs.

Dr. Alder received his PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Basel, Switzerland. He specialized in cell cycle regulation, growth control, gene expression of mammalian cells and the role of oncogenes, growth factors and growth factor receptors. He completed additional training at Temple University Medical School and Kimmel Cancer Institute, Philadelphia, PA, where he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Renato Baserga’s laboratory.

During his postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Alder trained and specialized in nucleic acid synthesis, automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification, automatic sequencing, genetic mapping and imaging.

As an assistant professor and director of the Nucleic Acid Facility at the Kimmel Cancer Institute, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, he collaborated with the laboratory of Dr. Carlo Croce and contributed to the investigation of the genes and genetic mechanisms involved in human cancer pathogenesis.

In 2004, Dr. Alder was recruited to OSUCCC to establish a new, multifunctional core laboratory that combines several technologies to facilitate OSUCCC’s cancer research. Focusing on his main research interest, the genomic alterations in cancer, Dr. Alder continues to collaborate with Dr. Carlo Croce’s laboratory in the pursuit of microRNAs as fundamental players in the cancer process.

He has coauthored more than 120 publications.

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Pearlly Yan, PhD, the NASR’s technical director for Illumina GAII Sequencing, is also a research assistant professor.

Prior to joining the NASR, Dr. Yan was the deputy director for the OSU NCI-Integrative Cancer Biology Program (OSU-ICBP). The OSU-ICBP program brings clinical and basic cancer researchers together with researchers from mathematics, physics, information technology, bioinformatics/biostatistics and computer science to work on key questions in cancer biology. There, Dr. Yan was responsible for establishing an Illumina sequencing sample submission contract with an external sequencing center. She established collaborations with OSU and non-OSU informatics scientists, biostatisticians, bioinformaticians and biologists to analyze, visualize and validate next generation sequencing data.

In her NASR role, Dr. Yan is responsible for procurement, set up and managing the Illumina GAII Core.  She is an expert in working with high-volume, high-dimension, next-generation sequencing data as well as in the diverse tools and viewpoints common to biologists and to computational scientists on the cancer genome.

Dr. Yan also works with OSUCCC principal investigators and their lab members to develop novel ways to utilize the Illumina GAII for integrating a specific region of genome interest.

She has coauthored more than 60 publications.

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Paolo Fadda, PharmD, laboratory services coordinator, earned a PharmD degree from Sassari University (Italy) and brings more than three years of lab bench research experience in molecular biology to the shared resource.

Paolo has experience in gene expression analysis including TaqMan gene expression assays, TaqMan Low Density Array (TLDA), TaqMan microRNA assays, high-throughput gene expression analysis using the nCounter System from NanoString Technolgies, SYBR Green chemistry, and data analysis.

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Christine Daugherty, MS, a NASR laboratory services coordinator, earned her Masters Degree in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. Christine has over 19 years of experience in molecular biology, sequencing and genotyping research and analysis. Her expertise includes Sanger-based DNA sequencing and genotyping on ABI PRISM 3730 DNA Analyzers, and Next-generation Sequencing (Ion PGM Sequencer).

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