Additional Services and Accessories


  • Quantitative measurement and quality control of RNA/DNA
  • Non-fluorescence and fluorescence Imaging (Typhoon 9410 Imager)
  • Densitometric scanning (Personal Densitometer SI)
  • DNA/RNA Synthesis support

RNA/DNA Quantitative Measurement and Quality Control

The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop TM2000 spectrophotometer, which measures nucleic acid concentrations, provides highly accurate UV/Vis analyses of 1ul samples with high reproducibility, and it produces results for a full continuous spectrum from 220-750 nm that allows quality control.

Non-Fluorescence and Fluorescence Imaging

The imaging systems, Typhoon 9410 and Personal Densitometer, simplify, automate and accelerate nucleic acid analysis experiments.

Typhoon 9410 Imager
The Typhoon 9410 Variable Mode Imager (GE) combines four-color fluorescence labeling techniques with storage phosphor autoradiography technology.

Non-fluorescence applications include Isotopic imaging and chemiluminescence, and fluorescence applications include blot detection, gel stains, solution stains, covalent labels and natural fluorescence.

The storage phosphor screen autoradiography (filmless autoradiography) is the major application for the Typhoon.

Personal Densitometer SI
The Personal Densitometer SI is a highly sensitive, laser-based transmission densitometer.

Applications include: scanning stained electrophoresis gels, up to 5 mm thick; blotting membranes; TLC plates as large as 20 x 25 cm and up to 3 mm thick; and films exposed by chemiluminescence or radiochemicals.

The Personal Densitometer is mostly used to scan thin gels and analyze films.

DNA/RNA Synthesis Support

The NASR outsources DNA/RNA Synthesis and focuses on design and troubleshooting. Outside companies provide DNA Synthesis with competitive prices, fast shipment and high quality (Mass spec Qc).

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